How much do you play ki? and for how long have you played this KI

So I only started this ki in November I think it was actually November 1.

I put in probably about 6 hours a day playing ki at this point

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As for me, I’ve known KI for four years now but I’ve never really played it religiously or enough to be able to reach a level and compete with others. So basically, I’m still a novice and I have a lot to learn.
But today, I spent close to three hours playing. Started SL for the first time.

I’ve known KI for years sense the day my older bro and my dad came in one of the games was a black cartridge. Once we had the game in and @Jeffron27 and I got to play it. I plaid KI a lot and by far the original and the recent iteration are my favorite.

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I have read so many things about shadow lords and everybody told me that it makes you worse against human opponents but Shadow Lord is pretty fun. I thought it was just fine actually and the weird hidden quests that pop up certain times depending on who you have in your party it’s pretty cool and the guardians are fun.

@Kanae_Uzumaki I should honestly be better than I am or how much I’ve been playing but it’s only been for a couple months like this

I’ve known KI since I was 8 years old, back when I played it on the SNES. To this day, it still is one of my all-time favorite games, the first one especially.

I spent a good amount of time with KI2013 as well, about five or so hours a day, but the first game will always have a special place in my heart as a fan.

I never played the original games at all, but I’ve played the 2013 Xbox One game since launch. I’ve played it on and off over the years, namely due to rough internet issues, but lately, I’ve been picking it up again a lot (well, until Halo Infinite dropped). I don’t play every day, so it’s difficult to give a daily hour amount, and not always online or arcade, but just going to training and testing unusual stuff out.

If you’re using the shadows as a gauge for human opponents and learning how to fight them, the shadows are a decent way to observe some human tactics, but in the end, it doesn’t come close to how a human thinks, adapts, adjusts and learns on the fly and you see these changes in their patterns. Shadows will learn a players tendencies, but if they don’t work, it will not change tactics or react, but continue its patterns to defeat.

I started playing Killer Instinct: Definitive Edition on PC back on the August long weekend in 2019. I really enjoyed it and bought the game a month later when it was on sale, and bought an Xbox One X when it was on sale another month later.

I played regularly for roughly a year and a half to two years.

These days I’ve moved on and only really play when I host my casuals.

I never played the original game in Arcades, but I briefly played the Super Nintendo Entertainment System version at my cousin’s.

I played the original game back in the arcades in the 90’s. I was more into mortal Kombat though at that time period. When KI 2013 came out, I purchased the XBox One just for it (day 1), and have played regularly ever since.

I don’t know my total stats sadly as when Aganos dropped I experienced a bug that reset everything.

But as it stands, my total wins in Ranked have surpassed 10,000 I believe. :sweat_smile:

I have no life. :sweat_smile:


Only started really playing in early 2015, shortly after Riptor’s release. My IRL friends had history with the original games and were really hyped about Season 2, which got me into it too. What’s funny is that I’m the only one who seriously learned the game and stuck with it, and they’ve refused to play me for years because they can’t even take a bar off me no matter which character I play.

I started playing a lot less last year because of extra work and making my game backlog a priority (on top of a bunch of time-consuming live games…), but I still get on Ranked every now and then.


10,000 wins !!
Good God

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So according to the stats you’ve played 118 days 6 hours and 11 minutes of killer instinct.

I played 27 days 15 hours and 35 minutes since November 1st…


After seeing you type this, I got curious and decided to check my stats online for ranked league wins as well. 4558 wins total.


You guys better watch out I’m catching up :laughing:

In ranked:

1, 114 fights
334 wins
769 losses
1 draw
30% win rate (I’m happy with that… gold is a different animal though. People aren’t falling for my sh*t no more :rofl:

In ranked League matches I have been successfully thrown 1,353 times and I’ve only made 68 throw break attempts😑

Almost 20% of my losses are to jago

mi esposa kim76%
Riptor ( my side ho) 11%
Thunder (he likes to watch) 9%

The matchups in Gold have been a little bit different they haven’t been going my way as often😂 but that’s okay


I think the Gold climb is a bit harder than it used to be. Nowadays the pool of players in Gold and especially Killer are significantly more skilled, on average, since the pool has shrunk and the dedicated players are the ones who tend to stick around. Ranked can be frustrating with how it’ll often give two or three bronze/silver beginners that barely reward any points, then put you up against a Killer with several stars who can take away twice as much. I can attest that I play people who are far better than me more often these days, some rust notwithstanding.


Just looked at my stats and my total Ranked wins is now at 10,223 with a 77% win rate. :sweat_smile:

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