How much characters do you use from the roster?

As the title says wondering if owning all characters have a point cause most people only use about 5 at max.

I like to use damn near all of them since they’re all badass and fun to use. I would also say that owning all the characters does have point since you could learn how to fight as/against each one and overall better yourself or find a new main.

I rotate through Jago, Glacius, Spinal, Fulgore, Shadow Jago, Aganos, and Arbiter. That being said I bought the Ultra edition of every season as they came out because I like having it all. Plus I play local versus with friends on the couch a lot so having everyone is nice because everyone I know uses different characters. Plus I like knowing I helped support this amazing game with the Ultra edition purchases :slight_smile:

Well I mainFulgore and I know how to use Shadow Jago,Aganos,Jago,Riptor,Wulf,Thunder,Arbiter,a little Rash,and Aria.

I just use 1 it was Wulf. Now it’s Arbiter.

really just 2 characters?

how long have you been playing this game do you own all?

I think most people who play fighting games only use like 4 characters out of each game

Yeap just 2 and now going to 1.

Lol I’ve been playing KI3 since season 1. And older KI since arcade. I brought Xbox for KI. No shame lol.

I’m new to this new KI, and didn’t play any KI games since a good 10+ years. I was, however, pretty good back in the days at the arcades with the first KI (mained Glacius and Fulgore). Then I got pretty good too with the SNES version with Glacius and Orchid mostly (wasn’t bad at all with Cinder).

Now, about a decade after (last KI I played was KI Gold on the N64, and that was back around 2005 or 2006) I’m back, but very rusty. And of course this KI is unique. For now, I’m sticking with Sadira, Orchid and Riptor the most. I’ve practiced with almost all of them, and nearly completed the Dojo with Jago, but I was never a fan of Jago so after the Dojo and the Story mode I haven’t played again with him. I would LOVE to be good with Glacius again (that would bring me right back to my ‘glorious’ KI1 days), but he’s tricky to master (or even to be merely decent with him, he’s not for beginners I feel). I would also really like to master Aria, she kicks some serious ■■■ and I LOVE her Retro appearance… problem is she is TOUGH to play well (well, for me anyway).

So yeah… so far I’m kinda alright with Sadira I suppose, and can hold my ground well enough with Orchid and Riptor. I think that, for now, my “main” is Sadira. The thing is I didn’t pick Sadira and said “Ok, you’ll be my main”. I just tried most of the cast in practice mode to see which one would end up feeling “natural” to me, and Sadira was the one I felt was the best for my playstyle, I guess. So I practiced with her the most, played online with her the most and won the most matches with her so far. But I’m ok with Orchid and Riptor (mostly Orchid, because even though I’ve won with Riptor I feel I’m too dependent on using only two moves with her and it feels “cheap”, I want to learn how to use her entire moves set).

StarbornGuard1A lot of the characters in this game are bad, for example Aria and Agnus or whatever the big guys name is. But then thats how most fighting games are well all of them as a matter of fact, You find the handful of good characters and you will notice they are also played the most aswell.

Back in Street Fighter I only played Ken and Ryu, sometimes guile but mostly ken and ryu and so did pretty much everyone else.

I think they have lots of characters because well thats how fighting games are you need to have a full roster even if alot might be bad, look at kan ra and omen etc sort of pointless playing those guys hence why you never find anyone who plays those. Right now the good characters seem to be Rash, Arbiter, Tusk, jago, shago and thunder.

But yeah Aria Maya and a a lot of them are pretty bad.

Do you play competitively? If you do, you should own every character so that you can go into training mode, record different setups they do, and practice defending against them. If you don’t, you probably should anyway, but it depends on how invested you are.

I used to main Jago almost all S2, with a bit of Thunder thrown in at the end. Now I’ve fallen in love with Tusk, so that’s my main for the forseeable future. Personally, I think playing more than one character seriously is pretty hard, especially if you also play other fighting games, but some people do it with success (and Rico Suave is in another league altogether).

The Combo Breaker packs are a good tradeoff here, so think about that.

I’m sorry, what? Have you seen Sleep playing Aria? PinkDiamond playing Maya? ZergKiller playing Aganos? I think you might want to think twice about that statement. Sure, they’re not the cream of the cream, and season three kind of did a number on Aria from what I’m reading, and they may be a little harder to play to their full potential, but many pros do it with success. In fact, at last year’s KI World Cup, every single character (out of S1 and S2) was played during the Top 32, and that’s more than you can say for any other fighting game (I think, I don’t play anime/air-dashers or Marvel).

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While I traditionally main Aganos, it’s easier for me to say who I don’t play…


See, that was easier! :stuck_out_tongue:

I just never found any characters I had a “feel” for other than the 2.

So far in Ranked Leagues I’ve only used 2 characters over 60+ matches: Jago and TJ Combo. I only played TJ once. Since about 99% of my matches I play as Jago, I would say that I only play as 1 character.

However, I’m hoping to get better with TJ Combo, Cinder and maybe Thunder – and if I do I will play them more often online. I think the max amount of characters I would main is 3 to 5.

EDIT: Though it’s worth point it that when I play local matches or just casual matches in general, I rotate through the entire roster.

yeah my guess is if you are buying the supreme edition you are doing it to support the devs.

Cause $20 can nab you 4 characters and thats about all you are realistically going to use especially for ranked.

As a matter of fact 2 is what the average person is really going to be using.

I suppose that having them all is beneficial if you wanna use the training mode. But likewise if you are playing ranked chance are the average joe is gonna use 1 or 2 characters for years. If you look at history of fighting games you tend to find this, remember Daigo and Justin Wong ken vs chun li? that was something. I don’t think Daigo plays more than 4 characters in all of SF seriously at all.

Umm ever consider that people currently only play a few but learn more later? Also how would they know who to buy if they haven’t used them?

Good point unless they use the free rotation to see who they want to use?

Umm the rotating character will take a while to see the characters they are interested in. For me,it is better to buy everything because buying it individually will take longer.

I play every charecter enough to have them at level 50 and be a counter picking MONSTER, but I main Glacius.