How many players are there in ranked?

I was just talking to some budies, mentionning that I had made it to top 32 and I was going to participate in the top 32 Killer tournament… and then he made this joke

“but how many are you in the world playing this game exactly? 35? 40?”

The thing is I have no idea, because there is no way to have this answer unless I push RT countless times on the ranked screen of august.

So maybe someone from Iron Galaxy can answer this: How many people have played at least 1 ranked game during the last month? What’s the average per month since the begining of ranked leagues?

This month I started playing ranked on the second day of the month and after my first win I was at around 1500, if you count the killers that had between 0-50 points at the time and the ones below killer I would say that at least 2000 players played at least one match in the first two days of the month.

If there are enough people on the leaderboard where getting to the bottom is too much of a hassle then clearly there are enough people to not be worried about making top 32 not being a noteworthy achievement.

Ranked is still alive and kicking. Pretty sure you get at least 2k-3k a month playing it.

Last month I started a bit late (22nd) and there was about 4300 in killer alone.

More then 2000 killers right now, been playing other characters because of 2x XP and dropped to 0 points and was below 2000

I play Rank every now and then. It’s still very much alive.

Yes I know people are pretty much active, I just though that would be interesting to have some exact informations. Anyway thanks everyone for the feedback.

hmmm, don’t know this thread was made this year …

can we get an update?

in killer rank, and in all of ranked league?