How many Kim Wu mains are there out there?

Kim is becoming my favorite character to play and I know that she’s not used as often in ranked …that’s fairly clear at this point… I just have a lot of fun when I play her but she definitely struggles in some matchups. Any Kim tips and tricks for upping my game?

@SonicDolphin117 @TheNinjaOstrich and @SneerfulWater57 are the three players that come to mind. None of them are on the forums these days I’m pretty sure, though all of them have Twitters they’re pretty active on and are always pretty happy to help.

Glad you’re liking the character! :slight_smile:

She’s really fun. Super easy manuals off of any of her openers or linkers, great damage.

It’s also really easy to bait counter breakers with her I’ve noticed but her counter breaker damage is pretty poor…

She’s similar to thunder in my mind in terms of I keep her combos relatively short and I go to an ender as quickly as possible.

I’m absolutely trash when it comes to timing dragon cancel for any juggles that I hardly ever use for dragon counter but I’m trying to fix that.

If you had to rate her top three special or command moves what would they be?

Her standing medium punch is excellent to open the opponent.

I pop in from time to time to read some posts. Most of the time, people can just ping me! I’d be happy to answer questions or to just chat.

She’s top tier in counter breaker damage. She can get anywhere from 38% to 63% damage depending on how much meter you spend, not including any potential damage the opponent may already have. She hits really hard.

Her Dragon Dance special moves (all strengths) are the core moves you’ll want to be using to keep pressure and punish people for pushing buttons. Dragon kick is also a good move for whiff punishing and anti-airing. You can juggle with it too using Dragon Cancel, but it can be highly breakable.


Sweet thanks for dropping in and replying!!

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I’m maining Kim Wu and Maya about equally. I really like Kim Wu. Her dragon kicks are probably one of the most powerful moves in the game (though potentially unsafe on block), dragon cannon is super powerful, her nunchuks can deflect projectiles, and it is super easy to start a combo by spinning nunchuks. Disadvantage is no projectile unless you instinct and it is still limited, plus most of her attacks are stubby and don’t have great reach.

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What’s your go-to technique for getting out of sticky corner situations ? Sometimes when I get cornered I don’t come out :joy:

I am wondering the same thing :laughing:

Block low and counter with the spinning nunchuks by just tapping the punch button works sometimes. Also if you can, rocket kick out of there. Rocket kick is not only a deadly offensive technique but it can get you out of bad situations.

Against very good players, I am pretty much dead in the corner though.

FYI there is a very good Kim Wu player I got crushed by today, TrashyGirl or something like that. Really hard to block her ground attack combos and used the special moves perfectly.

Your parry is an omni-parry, so if they do anything that isn’t a throw you’ll get a dragon and wind up more or less neutral. If you have a dragon already stocked, you can dragon cancel the parry itself to turn the counter into a combo.

The best thing you’ll learn though a lot of times is just how to block, anti-air, and shadow counter. Effective use of these (ie, not just mashing parry on every wakeup), will usually let you work your way out of bad situations. It’s pretty common for players to neutral jump on her wakeup to try and bait parry or throw, so if you’re patient a lot of times you can just punish that and use it get yourself out of the corner.

Basically, pay attention to how the opponent is pressuring you and respond accordingly. If they’re constantly putting a button onto you, use the parry to back them off. If they’re throwing or using a lot of neutral jumps or something, be patient and punish them when they try to bait.

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