How many chances i have to kill Gargos .... 1?

Because i spend so many hours now and killed every OMEN so his powers are weakend i hope, but then if I
■■■■ up against Gargos i have to start over from turn 1, or can i use the relic of resurection , so if a player dies he get back to HQ but injured ?

I did it once already and had to start all over , so i wondered if there was a way to prefend that ?

No if you fail with all three of your characters then your play through will be over. There are no items to prevent starting from square one, you have to prepare before fighting him by buffing your characters up as much as possible. There are ways to skipping to fight gargos on day one but will require an item called St. Something’s (Can’t remember the name) moldy finger which increases corruption. This is a good way to fight all the omens and go straight to gargos, be warned however that at least 5 of them will make gargos arrive outright and will have all his buffs.


Preeety much this

Ah that is what that finger of St Ga’rhok is for, i thought why the F would i like to increase corruption :wink: …worldwide. So if i use that one day one the omens come staight away …or Gargos straight away with his omen powers intact ? Aslo even when you kill 5 omens he still has other 5 other omen powers, because there are 10 in total.

Also turning of you console probably doesnt work does it ? before the match end :slight_smile:

Bit of advice for the actual fight:

You have three characters to beat Gargos but you have to remember that he has three health bars total to destroy (he always pops back up with a “regen” each time you fight him, even if you made him use it before).

What I would suggest, with keeping this in mind, is buff your team with artifacts, guardians and in-fight items and arrange them with the plan of your first character is just taking out his first health bar. Teammates 2 & 3 are the ones you intend to kill him with. Your first character should be someone you feel comfortable with but isn’t your best. Give them a Snake Guardian, if you have one, and then go in on him just to take out the first bar. If you do, then just try to get the second as low as you can without killing him. The reason being is that the regen that Gargos does triggers every fight. So every time you take out his second health bar, he pops up in Stoneskin and begins regenerating health. This is why with your first character, that isn’t your best but reliable, you are just aiming to hurt him and not kill him. After this, your last two characters (and presumably your better) just have to take down, ideally, his remaining second bar and whatever he regens on the third.

Also, his regen is pretty easy to exploit. As soon as he pops up and begins getting health, he is rendered. So plan for this by getting right up next to him and doing a heavy, grounded normal into a special move. Once he takes damage, the Gargos AI will stop gaining health. This allows you to keep his regen to only about 30% instead of a full bar. The Gargos AI will also use his Instinct Break 9/10 after you catch him regenerating with a special. So heavy into special into block. This will bait his break, ending his instinct and leaving him heavily punishable to end the fight.

So, that’s about all I can suggest. Good luck!


Using one of the fingers increases corruption equally worldwide about a fifth of the way, it takes about two or three to get corruption halfway to make the omens appear. If you use 5 the omens won’t get a chance to spawn in so you cannot get rid of those buffs. If you beat 4 out the 5 omens showed then he will only have his shadow lord buff (cannot be taken away no matter what) and one extra buff from the fifth omen which you cannot fight. Also no, turning the console off during the fight or logging out is an automatic loss.

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Thanks allot guys, will let you know how it goes !

“How many chances i have to kill Gragos …. 1?”

Who’s gragos? lol jk

I think one of my fingers was to fast , probably because of playing KI non stop last few days :slight_smile:

G A R G O S …better :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway try to beat the Son of a B … GARGOS 3 times now …
1st time epic fail
2 time almost …very close but somehow the respawned, after danger.
3 time no chance …strange i was better prepared the ever and had full everything and consumables…but no chance at all

Every 3 tries i killed 4 omens …but the last time he still had the heart , regenerating health. So hard

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Yeah he can be a pain in the ■■■, aside from having really good items, guardians, and consumables you’ll need to condition yourself for fighting him since he’s meant to be on OP purpose, even more so with all his buffs.

@SonicDolphin117 do you still have some of your videos of fighting boss gargos to help this guy out?

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Recently whether intended or not, Ai in KI has seen a dramatic shift. It is much harder than before, sometimes stupid hard. I used to perfect Normal Gargos regularly with Jago or Fulgore. Now it’s a struggle to even beat him without losing a character. I have all killer guardians and more consumables than I know what to do with. Even then he is a challenge now. If the AI chooses, he can be untouchable. I’ve had it happen… His dash is fully invincible. Can be canceled into unreactable cross ups or grabs too. I feel bad for everyone just starting the mode. I had it easy. Godlike took 2 tries, Challenging took 1. Now I’d love to see someone do it. With the current AI I’m gonna say it’s a 1/10 chance to win even less against full buff.

Thanks allot … not ,haha thats really motivating :wink: Well i keep on trying …it differs each match how AI behave