How long does it take for ur fightstick to get noticable fine scratches?

As the title says my fightstick looks nice but how long will it remain this way?

Do you guys polish yours?

I use Novus no. 1 to clean my fightstick plexiglass. You can get it from Container Store.

It all depends on how much i use it as a bedroom accoutrement. If I’m using it the right way, it should be ruined, utterly worthless, after one go at it. For someone like you, who obviously sleeps with the stick, perhaps in your bum, I’d reckon you’ll have many micro-abrasions that will, indeed, make this thread have value. Good luck!

I’ve had my fightstick for over a year now, played the heck out of KI with it, and even traveled to a few tournaments with it in a canvas bag. I’ve yet to see any scratches or abrasions on it.

It does collect dirt, and after a while stuff may get trapped on the inside of the clear plastic cover, but it takes all of 10 minutes to clean that kind of stuff off if you want it looking pristine again.

Thanks @STORM179

So using special polish to protect it isn’t a necessity? just regular care and normal skin contact should always have it nice and clean and scratch free I take it? I didn’t know this stick would look this good until I modded it with 6 grey sanwa and 2 yellow all with black rims. The lever I used a clear bubble top and I removed the shaft protector to get the stainless steel shine.

The only downside is the steel tends to feel cold, but yeah. Looks really awesome now its a Qanba Q1

That has been my experience.

Could always buy a art tek plexi :wink:

Wtf …?

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