How is Tusk for a new player?

I played a lot of Zangief and Birdie in USF4/SFV and also Jax during what little I played of MKX. Tusk seems like he fits my kind of character.

To be honest I’ve been having way more fun with Sabrewulf and Riptor so far, but I think that’s because I’ve just been mashing so far and the random ■■■■ I’m pulling out with them is a lot more satisfying. Gotta get those guilty pleasures in.

I still have a lot to learn though. I only reached about 1.5k pp in USF4 and that was just off of Zangief’s back. So I still very much need a character that’s good to learn basics on. I was looking at Tusk, Riptor, Sabrewulf, Thunder and Fulgore. Also Spinal but a quick look at how he worked made me put him on the backburner quite quickly.

Anyway I think Tusk would be best since he really seems to force me to pace myself and think more about when to press a button. But I don’t know too much about this game yet so I could be wrong.

Tusk is sort of hard to use for a beginner since he doesnt play exactly like most characters.
He does have a move set similar to Sabrewulf though…as he has the RUN move with 3 follow ups.

SO if you have that down with Wulf then you should be able to transition that part of his game easily.

I recommend sticking with Wulf , Riptor and Jago for now… and work your way into Tusk once those 3 are more comfortable.

Most importantly…if yo want to be good, fast… you need to go as far as you can in the DOJO. Learn all of the tech for Jago in the DOJO and then transition those techniques into other characters.

Good luck


Sounds like Tusk or Thunder may fit your style best. I suggest having a play with these first and see which you like and enjoy most. They both do massive damage and aren’t too hard to play for a newcomer.

Hope this helps,

I got stuck in the Dojo on part eighteen or so. Having a lot of trouble cancelling anti-airs into follow-ups.

yeah that’s normal… I cant finish the very last one, its just insane! Not many ppl can complete the entire DoJo. But as long as you get most of it down and walk away knowing how to shadow counter, manual after shadow linker and heavy linker, counter breaker, cross up, anti air, and most importantly your Shadow move that is Invulnerable to projectiles (Jagos shadow wind kick)… you will walk away much better player.

Take all that tech and transition it over to Wulf, Riptor and then work your way into Tusk. You should be good to go after that!

Also Infills guide to KI…

And Sajams video tutorials on Youtube are really great as well.

I just recently completed the dojo (only the last one was left) after having the game since christmas. It’s very hard to complete, come back in a month or two on it if you wanna complete it easily, or easy-ish… Tusk teaches you the basics of spacing and shows off the stagger mechanics of S3, while a character like Jago shows the basics of the game purely and riptor rushdown tactics. Tusk is good to learn as a first character after plaing him a little, but it’ll be hard to get used to the other characters after playing Tusk because he’s so different but simple.

People have it right in here. Tusk is really different than the canonical KI character. He has great damage with a lot of buttons but he’s not fast and he will often get a much higher percentage of his damage out of combo than other characters with his damaging pokes.

He’s beginner friendly in the since that his gameplay is not complicated to execute, but he may be frustrating to learn against some of the faster characters.

He’s definitely not hard to win with, like say Cinder or Aria. But you really can’t just go all in hitting buttons like with Riptor or Sabrewulf and he doesn’t have the same “tool for every situation” that Jago has.