How is Maya in S3?

How strong do you think she is now?
Is she still good or did they go too far with nerfs?

I think maya fine she is still great there only thing I wish if dagger assault was useful but it is what it is

I think she’s rubish. The juggles r great but she’s really lacking allot of what made her scary imo

It’s really tough to say - I haven’t seen a lot of top players working with Maya this season so it’s hard for me to comment on her season 3 potential. I think we need more time to really tell.

I enjoy playing with Maya - she’s fun. More fun now that she hits like a grown woman, that’s for sure.

i was maya player in s2 and all i can say is

1- im totally ok with the removing of the old full daggers damages
2- but the facts to remove the back mantis i cant understand it (to me nosense cause it was fully punishable)
3- there is a persistent feeling that she’s nope a predator as before ( i mean about agility and daggers takes 3 days to come out after the input .

resultats= maya is for me in s3 just a with some damages.

if i has to choose for sure i prefere the S2 maya. they has just to remove the daggers enders and add juggles .

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Bass vs KDD86 nuff said.

A good Maya player that can get her juggles down is a beast! I have seen some impressive Maya players on ranked.

She’s viable, Dagger Assault hasn’t been tested yet, it has a lot of potential IMO. Mantis cashout makes the juggles pretty damn good.

She can’t go nuts anymore, she’s slower and she’s a bit more “fair”…backjump mantis was really scary so she now feels less like a predator.
On the upside now she’s more reliable, deals good damage and her new juggles open new kind of follow ups.
Dagger ender is now useless, i only use it when i’m close to instinct and know for sure i wont lose my daggers for long, but 90% of the time i’d rather spend the pips on the unblockable homing projectile.

She’s top 8 for sure btw.

Maya is still quite good, despite some changes I don’t understand…

The old finisher was overpowered, but the new one is useless. One combo break and it’s over, and the opponent doesn’t even fall on the ground so it’s easy to get hit, do no damage and losse both daggers…

Backjump Mantis was a bit too powerfull too, so I’m okay with that.

But not be able to throw dagger after a blocked DP… It wasn’t that hard to manage.
And new juggles are really good and easier to pull off