How is Killgore's design is stupid

Beep boop


That’s why he was a prototype who was scrapped with the superior Fulgore Unit.

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Just overall who would like this?
[/quote]Someone that doesn’t hate fun.

I’ll bet you’re great at parties.

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So why make that a character, lame.

Because some people like prototype variants? It’s called different tastes. Also name a three year old who can come up with Kilgore.

I actually dig it. I get Robocop 2 vibes from him (which is good imo), and I love his theme.

When my no-gaming brother visited me and we launched KI for some scrubby fun he said he visually prefers Kilgore over Fulgore, said he looks scarier.

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Leaked first designs:

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Why is this guy not banned yet? He’s making troll threads all over the show