How is everyone enjoying season 3 orchid?

Hello everyone,
Just wanted to see how everyone is enjoying orchid this season and wanted to know if she’s better in her match ups that she struggled in previous seasons.
Me personally I feel like she’s better than she was in season 2 despite her air grab being breakable. As far as her bad match ups goes I feel like she can win some of them for the most part while other match ups she still has to put in alot of effort to win. Let me know what you guys think of her match ups and how you feel about her changes and such.

I like her, and I have 1 small piece of advice to improve her (not that important, just a quality of life change). @developers I think a good change would be simplifying the input for buster slide cancel. Instead of doing the DP motion with a kick during the slide, I would like it to be just pressing the kick button again. I think that would help a little bit.


I agree with that as well. I think it would be a good change for those who struggle with the dp motion while sliding.