How in the world do I double ultra

I’ve been trying to double ultra for the longest time? How do I do it?

Well, make sure your instinct bar is full, after successfully executing your first ultra activate your instinct which will allow you to perform a combo with 2 shadow moves then you can perform your ultra once more with the character you are playing with.


I believe they made it so you can’t do a second after the first is done. However, before Orchid does the Upper Tiger, you need to activate your Instinct mode, do some combos, shoot out some shadow moves and then do the Ultra Combo input again before the KV meter runs full. ^^

If you have a character that can recapture, make sure your KV is less than 50 when starting the first Ultra. Use the recapture at the end of the first one, connect a couple of shadows moves and go into the second Ultra. If you have Instinct, you can pop it to get a third Ultra.

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Thing is, with Orchid, you were able to recapture AFTER she did the Upper Tiger by doing the air throw, but now they turned it into a bounce instead. :frowning:

Ahh my bad, I thought it was a general question. Didn’t know about the change either so thanks for that.

Just skip to 2 minute mark shows the double ultra…

So during first ultra, just before you launch opponent, cancel into instinct, fill kv meter with a few auto doubles, linkers and shadow moves then ultra again…

It’s simple!

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This is old video by the way but its still the same…

I can do it now with no problem! Thank you all! :slight_smile:

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what is instinct bar and how do you activate instinct?

The yellow bar under your health, activate with HP + HK.