How I learned to stop worrying and main Danbot

gg ExecutedLake. Just to clear things up, if you ever run into me and i teabag or taunt you, assume Kappas. Im not the kind of guy to really try to diss someone.

Shoutout to @F3Sleep for showing me the light.

Ive finally found my spirit animal.

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how is the killbot doing? I haven’t played a Kilgore in a month and I play everyday from about 3-7ish. they should just put him in free. cause my conception is that no one is playing him. heck I don’t even see any Mayas anymore. every other character I see mixed up more or less, to play against. I finally played a decent KanRa for the first time in 4 months. so that was nice.

You are wrong. I play around 30-40 different opponents per day in ranked. At least 3-4 of them are Maya. And maya is in a sweet spot, very good at the moment

And Kilgore is a very hard to master character, but i face him pretty frequently too, and Kilgore is still very very strong

so ur saying 4 out of 40 matches are maya? so that’s about 10%. and that 10% out of the 30 characters available. not bad I guess. when’s the last time u played a Kilgore or a KanRa?

Kan-Ra yesterday, Kilgore today, two different people

huh. I only see, careless AC130 playing KanRa and no kilgores. u in ranked?


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I main Kilgore, message me if u wanna go a set.