How Have You Evolved

Good morning Web Nation, this is your friendly neighborhood Spider-ma… er WebN Ragnarok…

I was reviewing some of my old vids on Youtube and I came across a treasure trove of old Sadira vids, when I had just started picking her up.

Here’s a vid of me playing against a Glacius main. I had only been using her for a few months.

As you can tell, I’m trying (Very Unsuccessfully) to jump cancel stuff as well as have a VERY limited use of manuals with Sadie.

Compare that to let’s say this vid…

As you can see there is a HUGE difference between what I was almost 2 years ago and what I can do now.

Some of the things that you’ll notice is that I use a LOT of manuals now and I can do some terrible things with the web. Another thing that I’ve noticed is that I have a stronger understanding of footsies.

Recently I learned (which I probably should have already known) how to “tiger knee” Sadira’s webs of which have allowed me to create some new juggles as well as use it to surprise a grounded opponent.

If you ever get to a point where you believe that you aren’t growing or evolving with your main, just look at some old vids of some of your old games, and you’ll come to realize that you are infact getting better. :smiley: Progess always comes slow. Just never give up.


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is the tiger knee dagger the same as Hisako’s tiger knee ORZ? ive been trying it, but doesnt seem to work. also my sadira skills have plummeted horribly

Me? Well I used to pick Omen and Jago just mashing the around the world trait over and over again. It gave me a lot of wins. Even made it to gold by doing so. Then the road to killer was brutal. Then I learned manuals and linkers were a thing.p and the road to killer wasn’t so bad but a lot of salt though. And Fulgore just snapped with me afterwards.

Do a QCFU motion and hit a punch button and up at the same time. Sadira will jump and toss a low Widow’s Bite.

What I still don’t understand though is some of these fancier juggles that seemingly go on forever. I can get max 3 to 4 hits and the KV blows out.

I had Psychotic use Fang twice in one combo. Still trying to learn those juggles.

Yeah, it’s the same motion and input as Hisako’s TK ORZ’s.

thanks guys, i took sadie out for a couple matches. went 1 for 1 lol, its like everybody already knows her shenanigans to get in. no matter how tricky i cross up im gettin blocked. my mix up game has really fallen off with her, too much hisako and fulgore -_-

Mix it up with throws. People still don’t tech when fighting Sadira, as they’re always expecting another jump. If they tech the throw twice, then simply neutral jump on the third (identical) setup and profit.

People are definitely more familiar with her jumps and bounce arcs now, but she still has very strong offense. She gets too much damage off her throws for people to ignore them as a threat, so use those to force the opponent to start trying to push buttons.

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Agreed Storm… I love throwing people. And you’re right it is rare that they tech them. Sometimes I don’t even juggle after a throw. I use the knock down to bait a DP. This is going to be even better since some characters won’t be able to do another DP after a wiffed one. (Looking at you Cinder/ Jago).

the new combo breaker not giving a knockdown will also help sadie out too. one time too many i get broken, then here comes the light pokes with grab/DP mix ups or i eat a juggle heal fireball combo from hell lol

On the downside, is probably a mild nerf to Hisako, who got to do some nasty things on oki when she got the combo break.

I’m actually going to miss combo breaker->dash->heavy influence :cry:

ive been training myself to not follow up with Cr.FP > TK ORZ > combo after a breaker lol. hisako got a bit dinged up going into season 3, but shes dangerous enough already to make it through just fine imo. sadira is in good shape so far i think even with the damage nerfs shes taken. that head stomp is gonna be a nightmare in the right hands