How hard would it be to make a function in the replays to make fights like in the trailers?

Because I honestly would like to make something for KI and I’d like to make the battles Cinimatic and crazy. The trailers were so fun to watch because of how dynamic the camera angles were.

I’d like to be able to take the replays of my fights and show em off at different angles and perhaps make things as entertaining as possible.

I as of right now don’t really have much beyond just doing close ups at different levels with my recorded footage.

If anything I think it would be nice if IG could consider this.

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Hmmmm cinematic, capable of creating fantasy fight. I like it. Make it happen IG. I could see this combining with Shadow lab mode. Oh that would be fun.

Indeed. Imagine taking some of your best fights on rank but let them play out just like in the trailers. That would be amazing!

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I’d love it.

they don’t have to ‘make’ anything, they already made it and use it in-house-that’s how they made their cinematic enders. Which, btw, half of which need some serious work, so if we could edit our own, that would be awesome too. It’s just a matter of IG releasing whatever tools they used to make that stuff to the public.

Now that’s something that could be surprisingly juicy- like GTA did with releasing their story tools. There’s a community of youtube storytellers that are going hogwild with those tools, and it’d make the community here that much more vibrant if we were allowed to do the same.

Precisely the point. I’d love it if that could be a special mode or something for KI down the line.

I really wanna make these entertain for the community.

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I could just imagine getting a nice close up of Cinder’s flames roasting the opponent, first-person style, or a camera attached to the end of Kim’s nunchaku as they fly back and forth. hook up all this to some VR headsets and we got ourselves some intense experiences like never before

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I myself have no idea how deeply angled they can that stuff going. But from the trailers alone it blows my mind. The cinimatics

And even on a more hilarious note-imagine close up and angled shots of crotch hitting! but ya know that’s just one thing.
Possibilities are a dozen to infinite!

I did start topics like this in the past and it did get quite an approval from different people, but not to many replies came along so they kinda ended up dead. And I am not sure of using necromancey on dead posts is a good idea at least on my own topics. lol

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