How good is Rash's Zipline?

i ask this question because I am trying to develop a pressure play-style with Rash based on his solid neutral buttons and aerial mobility. When I play certain characters (character without a fast DP), The style overwhelms the opponent, however when I face characters with DP’s (Jago, Orchid, Shadow jago, Fulgore, Maya [in certain situations], and Aria) the punish is so obvious. I like Zipline because I can make ambiguous mix-ups based on his angled flight. However if they block, then i’m -5 (from what the game tells me) on block. Also, if I choose to cancel the zipline into an air normal, there’s a small window for a 3 frame move (i.e. DP).

Overall, i’m trying to decide if how I use Zipline is good or not. I have tried not using it in these match-ups with competent players, but I haven’t adjusted to it yet. Should I continue to rely on Zipline? Should I modify my game-plan according to these match-ups? Should I flat out not use it because it is not the safest?

Please discuss and help. I have game-play footage of this to if need be.

Zipline is amazing and you should absolutely use it. You just need to be smart about how you use it when playing against DP characters. Learn to modify and stagger your approaches so that the DP punish is hard, or don’t give them the opportunity to use it in the first place. There are knockdown setups with Hisako that I developed specifically to combat DP wakeups - you don’t approach oki against those characters the same way you approach someone who doesn’t have an invincible reversal. Rash will also need to modify his approaches if the DP threat is there.

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I see what you mean. I modified my wrecking ball set ups so that it whiff rather than blocks. With zipline, I know it’s amazing, I just want to use it more wisely during invincible manuevers. You played my rash, what do you think I could have done better?

I’ll be completely honest and admit that I don’t specifically remember the fight. :disappointed_relieved:

In general though, I try to punish Rash for making unsafe approaches, particularly off of wrecking ball. My gameplan is usually to just give Rash space (I can’t catch him anyway) and let him hang himself. I think good advice for Rash play is to learn to be patient - a patient Rash is a dangerous Rash.

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I mean we only played twice, but it was at the 8 bit beatdown so I don’t mind that you don’t remember. I feel you bro, thanks, I appreciate your analysis.

Zipline screws the bike for sure … lol.

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I never use the tongue unless I need to keep them in the air for a little bit until I can get to them or to eat projectiles. Imo, it’s not good on pressure, especially against someone with a good invincible reversal, and is much better used as a mobility tool