How fast do XBox controllers wear out?

Because I am suddenly having a really hard time with not dropping combos.

My first controller I broke the left trigger button because I was new and simply pressing too hard (PC user here). That was years ago. My second controller has lasted since then, but the D-pad feels mushy. In particular the most troublesome input is the right arrow. So dragon punch motions and even half circles feel impossible. This has been building for the past month or so.

At first I chalked it up being a little rusty, but tonight it just felt impossible. As though I really, really had to focus on the motion. And crouch blocking? Forget it.

Is this to be expected after years of use? Because right now I miss my old Sega Genesis controller.

I’ve had my Elite since launch and it’s as good today as it was when I bought it. I must be Kodi nox lucky.