How Does the ten match Qualifier system work?

I ask this question because I am confused on how I was placed in my rank by my performance in the 10 matches. My record was 8-2 I only lost to the only gold players I faced. I beat the silver and bronze people quite convincingly. I ask this because I already thought I’d go to silver because of the projected outcome bar on the ranked menu. However that wasn’t the case. I advanced to the bottom of bronze. I’M SO CONFUSED. LOL someone please enlighten me…

That is really strange.

I wen 7-3 and i got in gold :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe it’s because qualifies have higher value than silver or bronze when you beat them.

It seems to depend on order of win/loss. I won all but my last 2 matches (against gold pros) and got placed in bronze

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Thanks for the better title to. Yeah but I beat silver players to.

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The only real input I have is speculation; it may depend on the rank of players you beat, your win streaks during Qualifier, and/or the magrin of life you won with. I don’t know how much (if any) of that is real, though.

Regarding getting placed at “the bottom of bronze,” I think it’s worth noting that placement will ALWAYS start you at 0 points in whatever tier you end up in, just like when you rank up from one tier to another normally.

The graphic might have confused you, since the projection bar displays on the right sode of each tier.

Yeah the graphic confused me. It’s no problem now. I qualified for silver, going to do gold later.