How does the 15% danger works for ARIA?

I have the impression that ARIA needs to be at a lower health than the rest of the cast to be "Ultra"able. Looking at her health on the last bar it seems the physical size of the remaining health is the same but here comes the problem, ARIA has less health “by millimeter” than the rest of the cast, so if the bar flashes when at 15% of the bar it actually flashes later for her than for everyone else.

Am I mistaken? Does the 15% take into account the physical size of the bar or the internal health value it represents? If everyone has a total of 2000 health (1000 per bar, 666,67 per bar for ARIA) then everyone should receive a danger at 150 health, with for aria would represent a bigger size for her third bar.

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Without knowing for certain, we can only look at what we know so far.

First off, let me help with your calculations. In the Arbiter stream, one of the IG staff stated the health system is out of 360. This is kind of a random number, but it’s convenient for a lot of calculations. So, regular characters are two bars of 360 for 720 total. Aria is three bars of 240 for the same total.

Now despite the three health bars, everything seems business as usual for Aria. You don’t hit the red “final” bar until the third, just like everyone else’s second “final” bar is denoted as such. Damage is calculated normally out of a 240 per bar total without any special adjustments (which is why, if you ever noticed, doing combos to Aria wrack up a higher damage percentage than the same combos on normal characters). This also applies to when she goes into instinct. She gets a single “total” bar of 720 total filled with whatever she has left over.

Given that, despite the uniqueness of her health system, they treat her as normally as possible, it’s probably just 15% for danger of the final health bar. This would be Aria has less health at danger at 36 points while everyone else has 54 points at danger.

Edit: Just checked it in the lab, Danger pops at approximately 36 points. So it does pop later but it doesn’t really change the amount of effort you have to put into killing her.

Thanks for all that. Also I didn’t get the part where they said how much health KI characters have. The 360 number was really random but it helped for ARIA, had they not done that and went with the 2000 for all bars I mentioned they wouldn’t be able to divide her health by three.

As for the danger zone, kind of a buff for ARIA is it not? Usually if you reach this zone while being comboed it’s game over, your opponent is gonna use Ultra on you. If with ARIA this comes a little later then it only slightly compensates for the fact each body goes faster than a donut box in a police office.

Again thanks for your help figuring it out.

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No problem man. It was when they were discussing Arbiter’s shield. It gives 25 points of health, which was then clarified out of 360 for about 7% overall.

Actually, it may have been answered in a forum thread but it originally came up as part of the stream.