How does Maya's shadow DP work

Half the the time it trades or gets beaten out. For example I went for shadow dps the the eydol just just use j.hp and beat it out and didn’t trade. Like is the amount of invincibility short. I’m confuse why doesn’t beat stuff out like Jago,Fulgore and orchids.

If he hit you very LATE into the move, then yes, the invincibility probably ran out, and you got hit.

But if you start the move, and he IMMEDIATELY tries to hit you with J.HP, you should win that 100%

Ok thanks but I got another scenario. Today I fought a wulf and I trades almost every time. So why is that?

Depends on what they did.

This is how the priority system works.

Light move = 1
Medium = 2
Heavy = 3
Special move = 4
Shadow move = 5

The highest number wins

And if you are in the AIR, you lose 1 point.

Maya’s Shadow DP Is a Shaodw move, that is in the air. So it has a priority of 4.

If you are attacked AFTER the invincibility is gone, then you will LOSE to Shadow moves, TRADE with Specials, and WIN everything else.

If you have a special scenario where it seems that this system did not work, then you should post a video of it. Some moves have special properties and invincibilities that may make it SEEM like this system is not working.

Well that seems stupid making her dps only work if the opponent doesn’t do a special also what about the invincibility on it.

If you are invincible, you beat everything.

VERY rarely, the opponent may also use an invincible move. Whoever’s invincibility runs out first will get hit.

Doesn’t beat block. :wink:

A block does not have an active attack box that fits into the priority system.

Hence why it beats everything but a throw. :wink:

a block can neither counter hit, trade with, or be counter hit by actively attacking opponent.

it is exempt from the priority system.

It will however, absorb chip damage. Making it a “controlled losing” exchange.

While you may lose health due to chip, in a lot of cases, you gain advantage for the next attack. :wink:

“most cases” does not constitute “win” definition in the priority system. The priority system is a definitive system that can not be over-ruled by other systems. (such as frame advantage)

The ONLY time the priority system takes place, however, is when 2 seperate attacks hit on the exact same frame though, so it rarely comes into play.

If the priority system “rarely comes into play” for you, i worry about your footsie game.

You two sound like an old married couple, bickering back and forth, lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Its funny, I notice these kind of dialogues a lot here on the KI forums, nothing wrong with it, just something that popped in my mind :sweat_smile:

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Lol’ i know right! so much grandparent bickering of late lol

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You sure? An air move and a move that goes airborne aren’t the same thing.

You have a good point. Some DPs start in the air, and some start on the ground, and go INTO the air.

I assumed since Maya’s Feet are above her head in her DP, that she would be “In the air”.

I cant imagine that she would be considered “grounded” just because her head hasnt left the floor yet.

Invulnerable moves are actually still subject to the priority system, so although the hurtbox disappears they all have red hitboxes rather than pink ones (like combo breakers, some of Kan Ra’s normals and Hisako’s parry) and so are actually vulnerable. The easiest example of this is of you DP a meaty special move such as a windkick you will trade in your favour, since they will be hit by the DP and sent flying whilst you take a grounded hit from the windkick.

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I presume this is also why shadows always trade? Why shadow demon blade (not invincible at all) will trade with something like shadow eclipse?

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