How do you unlock eyedol in shadow lords?

I looked already to some other post on how to unlock eyedol in shadow lords.
Still i didn’t get a straight answer.
I played shadow lords out on ‘normal and challenging’ diff.
I still can not select eyedol.
Do i have to fight with a sertain character?
Do i have to play on godlike? (hope not).
What exactly i have to do to unlock eyedol?
Btw; thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Do the “Kan-Ra’s Request” questline.

After that, you will fight Eyedol 4 times and then he will join you (not sure if the mission choices change the result).


It is as simple as this. There is a storyline that automatically pops up that you play through, and at the end you get Eyedol.

thanks guys. :slight_smile: