How do you unequip a selected artifact?

I equipped 3 artifacts on my character but i want to remove them. i haven’t left the barracks yet… tried each button but none let me reverse an action…

As far as I know, you can’t

It is irreversible. The artifacts will remain active for the amount of time listed. I can’t really think of why you’d want to give up the buffs they give unless you accidentally used a Shadow Lord item or gave a Ceremonial Dagger to a character with no projectiles.

Or you equipped a low level artifact, and Gargos arrives sooner than expected…

I don’t care if they go away once used, but maybe let us take them off.

ya. not great UI/Functionality. think some of it was rushed a bit.

at first this was never an issue, but when I accidentally equipped 2 daggers in a row…yeah, being able to unequip items would be great.

Edit:Errr… whoops. Why did I read that as consumables?

We’re talking about artifacts

Solution found.
After I have accidentially equiped Shadow Lord item, I did not close the character screen. I have disconnected power cable from the router, then disconnected power cable from the xBox.
After I started devices and game again, item was not equipped.