How do you punish Cold Shoulder?

The recovery was increased in S3 but I still can’t figure it out. The pushback is way too much for me to do anything.


You seem to understand the problem then. If you want to punish, you must find a quick move that reaches far.

If you don’t have one, then you have 2 options.

  1. If you think they will block after cold shoulder, perform a long reaching normal, and cancel into a move that helps start pressure.

  2. If you think they will attack after it, perform a move that will counter hit them. If they are spamming light cold shoulder, perform an invincible reversal, or a medium special move that starts up fast.

How close are they when they use cold shoulder, because it is actually quite vulnerable to throws.

They are slightly at far range.

The addition of extra recovery frames doesn’t mean they intend it to be punishable. In fact, I doubt the light and medium ones are punishable realistically.

I use Omen, who has a VERY far reaching CLP, so i can punish it.

its a great feeling.


Oh, sure. Maybe a few characters can do this, but I doubt it’s a majority.

Add that to the reasons I don’t use Glacius in that matchup.

Fire beats Ice in this case.

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I dropped Omen a long time ago, but his 2lp is a massive reason to continue using him. If only I could eek out say 5-10% more damage per combo. I can’t stand those low damage characters.