How do you like to use TJ's Auto-Barrage?

It’s a key part of his combo system, and has a lot of different uses!

So, what are your tips and tricks for using it? Your punch order? Where you like to counter-break? What you like to do after the advantage ender?

I don’t think my ways are too interesting, but I’ll share to get the ball rolling:

When it comes to just landing the damage ender, I like to land it all the time (can you blame me?! it’s so strong!!) when I can, but I think it’s better if you do it with two shadow linkers beforehand. Even better if you land a counter-breaker while they try to break the linker!

For the advantage ender, I also keep things simple. I usually like to do it after hitting about 4-5 of the buttons in the ender, and follow it up with Flying Knee or Spin Fist. I can never seem to land the Shoot Toss, but if I could I’d be elated.

So, how do you use the auto-barrage?

I use it to smash damage out of people because it’s the only thing post 2.7 TJ has left that didn’t nerfed into the ground

I actually use it for damage, but baits as well. It becomes a mind game with my opponent then…like basically telling them you won’t break it. If they do, I know what they react to. If they don’t, I have 2 options. Finish it, or go for a mixup/reset from his Advantage Ender to get more damage. And if you try and break, and I know what strength you like to push…“C-C-C-C-Counter Breaker!” :smile:

TJ was my main since the first KI in 94. Before TJ was nerfed to hell- I actually enjoyed playing him , now I just can’t do it. for season 3 they just need to scrap his moveset and start over! Make him feel more like a boxer, because right now he doesn’t and he still to slow. Remove auto barrage give him something else. Get rid of the slam dunk punch and more emphasis on dodge and counter combos like hisako but more faster! More emphasis on him using his hands and better ways to anti-air then that slow ■■■ uppercut. I’m sorry but this is by far the worst version of my main man TJ Combo. MS-IG please fix it!

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I prefer his knee for the anti-air. Doesn’t always work, but I think it does the trick for me most of the time.

Barring the exception of the knee, most of his moveset is already hand based anyway. What could possibly be done to make him more of a boxer?

I agree with using the knee as an anti -air but it should be a move where he catches u with it. Similar to Axel’s move in SF. now I think maybe the super man punch should be a stun move and he has different versions of it. Light version he can fly at you with that speed bag combo and u can linker based off that. Medium version he should be able to like blur past u in each direction and u can follow through with a certain special move. Hard version should have armor and be a stun punch, meaning the person would be stun for 10th of a second and doesn’t knock the opponent back like the original move. When I mention use his hands more; I’m referring to him throwing boxing combos. Not just single lunge punches which u see when he performs the auto-barrage. Speeding up
his punches more will generally make him look and feel more like a boxer. That’s why I mentioned earlier in my previous post that he needs better footwork and a dodge/counter mechanic, but more faster than hisako’s. You shouldn’t’ just have to stand there and press a button to counter. He should dodge and if u attempt to hit him while he is in this dodge motion then he counters which opens up for linkers. All you have to do is visualize it and TJ would be a Pure boxer…

He was always a dirty boxer. So I wouldn’t want to take knee’s or headbutts away from TJ. Think of it that way. He cheated his way to the top to begin with, so now I would assume he is more of a street brawler than a boxer. Reason I say that is because of what his accessories are labeled as.

Tj is also my main, I find the easiest wayto do his auto barrage is to start with the knee(regular or shadow) then with the right index finger tap the HP, then quickluy roll fingerto HK, then quickly roll finger to MP then MK, and so on(timing is everything).