How do you get acces to shin hisako?

so how you get acces to shin hisako?

We’re still waiting on access. They mentioned on twitter about an hour ago the Estitmated Time for her release is about 3 hours. So…two to go?

its says in KI game its still 3 days and 23 hours before unlock.
do you have to play her in shadow lords to unlock or what is the exact deal?

That was the old date. We got her early by attending the Beam streaming app featuring shin hisako so we presumably get her in a couple hours

No, for the last few days on Beam they have been having a Beam Plays Killer Instinct thing with Shin Hisako in training mode, and they said if they hit a goal of 1000 viewer hours combined then she would get an early release today. She’ll be unlocked early at some point in the next few hours for purchase on ALL modes. She’ll be $5.

awesome! i’ve got my Euro’s ready!

I never saw how much it was- $6 or $10?


Got her! She’s coming online now.

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Just bought her! Woot!!

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Can’t buy her… on Store section there is “cmoing soon” sign without timer, and pressing enter does nothing.

I am on Windows 10, help pls.

I just bought her with the link I just posted above.

I just bought her on the Xbox app for iOS…


Will it work on my Win10 if I buy her from this link? I live in Poland, my region in control panel is United States and I am buying KI stuff with dollars.

Brought her and trying to figure her out lol she’s fun though.

Still cannot buy her (PC)

Any help?

I bought her that way as well. Through the Xbox App while I’m at work.

Also finally bought Shadow Jago just to complete the roster.

It won’t work unless you live on US.

The EU (at least the fr) store doesn’t work all all. it crash all the time…

I bought her on Windows store. Probably about an hour ago.