How do you fight Rash?

What beats his wrecking ball thing? Anti airs do not work at all, you cant hit him out of it. Every match against a rash I get so frustrated and just leave.

Not sure, but some experimentation in the lab could be fruitful.

Just block it.

If you block wrecking ball, you get a punish (you should be able to anti-air them before they can attack, kind of like Cinder’s air trailblazer stuff).

Use down-forward + HK for Arbiter here.

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This a problem I am running into as well. I have a friend who solely uses wrecking ball into medium kick. It is incredibly frustrating the amount of pressure wrecking ball has.
Things I have had mild success with are:
Two carbine shots will knock him out of wrecking ball with some considerable damage.
Try to block and watch out for the inevitable air attack before he lands, then hit him
with a quick :arrow_down_small::arrow_lower_right::arrow_forward: Light Punch
And make sure not to get stuck in a corner otherwise you will get stuck in an endless wall splat and by then it will be too late to make a comeback.

It is never too late to make a comeback.

Yeah Rash kicks my ■■■. I’ve experimented with light jabs and have been successful somewhat.

Now, you say that, but honestly in the situation of a wrecking ball spammer you won’t get the chance to.
Cause once you are in the corner you have an incredibly hard time getting out and have lost atleast 40% of your health. Arbiter(and many others) don’t have a good counter to this strategy that puts them on the offensive. All I can do is hope they make wrecking ball more punishable in the future… Or find other people to play against. :smirk:

Top advice m8

I apply cream to a rash usually


Just block it. If you see them doing the medium kick all the time,shadow counter it. Shadow Counters got buffed.

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The shadow counter doesn’t get hit in this situation (atleast for me, maybe I’m just shit with the timing)
I have spent hours in practice mode trying to find ways for arbiter to beat this tactic, and haven’t had much luck besides my above mentioned strats.

Maybe someone else has found some obscure way to combat this, but there isn’t much you can do to get on the offensive with Arby.

Well Keits did say Arbiter’s weakspot is directly above him, and that’s where wrecking ball puts Rash. With other characters it’s an easy DP punish or their anti-air HP will reach him. Unfortunatly for Arbiter his anti-air HP whiffs on Rash after a wrecking ball because of it’s angle so his only options are grenade to the face or shield up.


DF+HK is an anti air that hits almost right above Arbiter’s head. It’s slow though so you have to react quickly.

The biggest tip I can give in this matchup is to constantly stick Rash with a grenade in neutral. He loves approaching through the air and the grenade will scare him from doing so.