How do you feels of press release moves?

I think the addition of press release moves are a great ideas. Meaning you press and hold a button, do do the stick input then release button. It should affect how special moves look and the speed, aside from shadow versions of special moves. Like a press release move for jagos endoferno would change the color or speed of the projectile. Or even for an ender, it would speed it up. I loved these in KI and KI2.

Including directional/motion inputs? Fxxk that. Too many possible issues with negative edge.

If a character were to have something like SF Cody’s Bingo, or Boxer’s TAP, I could get behind that. But motion+release & motion+press providing different outcomes w/ the same buttons? There’s a reason that didn’t make it to the reboot.

I didn’t even know that was a thing before. I’m always finding new reasons to be happy I’d never heard of KI until it got rebooted.

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Your idea is typically associated with something similar called “negative edge”, in which the release of a button is considered an input the same as a button press is an input. Glacius already has something like this where holding the fireball attack button holds back the hail until either he’s hit by an attack, he travels too far in one direction the fireball despawns, or the player releases the button after holding it for so long and it finally releases the hail. Arbiter also has something like that with his ability to delay the shadow command grab. Jago also can now hold the punch button to delay the fireball and make it larger.

The idea you have is actually already in the game, just not in the same way you’ve gone into detail about. However, each time the idea is implemented it needs to hold some logical meaning and function to a character. Going back into the fundamentals of a character’s design and adding it for the sake of making something “neat” without some sort of purpose seems pointless. I don’t really see the reason to incorporate just to speed up the enders or change projectile colors, and as far as affecting a special’s speed, look, ability, etc., that’s why there are different strength inputs.

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