How do you feel about jump-scares in games?

  • Love/Enjoy Them
  • Hate/Loathe Them
  • Depends
  • Apathetic
  • Ambivalent

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As for me here I’m pretty much apathetic on nor could I care less about the jump-scares in video games

Jump scares are only good if they are done right and the entire game/film doesn’t rely on it.

There should be adequate build up, atmosphere, mood and etc. not just a loud noice and an image pops up for a second. Especially the dumb fake out jump scares in movies where it’s just some dickhead or cat doing something random and there is 0 threat anywhere for the next 30-60 minutes of the film.

Anyone remember Doom 3? It had far too many jump scares that it quickly got old.

Really depends. Everyone these days says they’re the bane of good horror, but I think they can be done well.

The only jump scares I accept are where some enemy sneaks on me in Dark Souls.