How do you deal with pressure?

I’ve been grinding Arbiter since S3 release, and already I’m noticing that it’s almost impossible to escape pressure with him. I just played a Jago matchup where I tried every possible scenario and ended up getting beaten. Even with overshield grenade, where you remain standing, the opponent just wakes up, either stuffing my meaty or setting the situation back to normal. It seems more like a blocking simulator with this character, I spend more time in the corner blocking mixup after mixup and grab after grab. His moves are too slow to do anything, even light punch and kick. How do I get out?

Shadow shield works and gives you some distance. Down grenade is a wakeup and can reset you to neutral if both players quickrise. If they don’t,you have an advantage. Quickrise each time. Once you are in neutral,bully him with your ranged normals.


Also, don’t forget about shadow counters. If you make a read you can change the momentum quickly. Shadow shield is amazing as a get off me move cause of invincible startup. Sasuke is on point about the down grenade, which has invincible startup as well.