How do you deal with Jago?

I’ve been playing KI for about a year now. I recently managed to grind my way to killer and damn near every killer I’ve fought is playing Jago. I play mainly Cinder and Kan-Ra and I often get overwhelmed in these matchups. I never feel like it’s my turn to press a button or even try to block correctly. What is the strategy for just dealing with Jago. There is no part of the screen where I feel like I have any sort of control of the match. Any help is appreciated and at this point needed.

Depends on the Jago player. For a zoner Jago,Cinder can throw bombs in the air. Kan Ra can do his sand thing that hits the opponent. An agressive one? Shadow counters. Cinder can flip kick and Kan-Ra can sand explode.

It’s like I fight a mixture of both. If I’m full screen they fire ball and crouch block. The moment I approach I’m eating a wind kick which I’m never able to punish. And once I get knocked down as Kanra I have no get off me options if I dont have a trap. With cinder it’s a similar deal where I can never punish or even get momentum started against Jago.

The fact that they are doing windkick is a good thing for you. They closed the gap. Since you aren’t complaining about laser sword,I will assume they are not using it. That is good as laser sword gives them frame advantage and wind kick does not. Once they wind kick,put pressure. Also at range with Kan-Ra,just do the sand spike thingy when they throw a fireball. For Cinder,you need to be on the offensive.

They laser sword once I’ve been knocked down which, I already can’t get them off me once they’re on. So is the overall strategy just to be patient and wait them out?

If they use laser sword when knocked down,flip kick with cinder. For Kan-Ra,block it because why did you even let them get close in the first place. You are supposed to set up traps and attack at a distance.

Thats the problem. I get to full screen and they commit to crouch blocking. At full screen I can only sand spike, which does nothing. To use the wraps or command grab I need to get closer. If I even get close enough for a heavy wrap that’s when wind kick comes out.

Have you tried using the scarab barries and placing a trap and then dashing forward to move very fast while being airborne? This allows you to get close and if done rigt,you can get a free mix up if the opponent doesn’t expect it.

Ive recently started trying that and had some mixed success. What about after a knock down. Is blocking literally the only option I have against Jago’s normals? Sometimes I try for a light punch and can’t even get that out before getting hit by heavy kick.

On knockdown,I recommend if you are Kan-Ra,you should just block unless you expect a throw.

So to sum it up, keep full screen, try to make use of the dash hp, and on defense hope for a trap/sacrifice. If nothing else block. Is Jago really just that solid of a character?

He’s Solid, but he has his faults. Jago has trouble with Rushdown. If Jago closes the space between you two, then he has something in mind. But If you Forcibly put yourself and impose your will on him, he has trouble getting out. Like Saberwulf, with his many Rushdown options, is able to limit what Jago can do. Don’t give him an opportunity to do anything, and it might be easier fighting him. I know being a Jago main, I struggle with this. :slight_smile:

At the end of the day I need practice. I just hit killer rank and I’ve been playing for a year but not at all consistently. So I do not have enough expierance to fight these guys.

Shadow counters are pretty effective if you have the meter to spend. Basically all of his normals are easily shadow countered.

He’s Safe: The Character, don’t mind him just do you lol (I know I’m not helping).