How do you break Sadira's Air Combos?

No sarcasm please…Im serious, when you cross a good Saidra ONLINE… how do you break her air combos? Im not talking about some average player that gets lucky in the air. Im talking Players that ONLY do air combos and constantly use Web Attack Kunais that reach over and under and across the world and still catch you on block or hit.

Its super frustrating to out play a person on the ground yet you cant break them in the air without guessing nor can you play on the level. So the playing field is not level.

I really want to know how some of you handle her. Do you not break at all? If she constantly is jumping and spitting out webs, how do you get in? You cant always punish the blocked web because she bounces off and can kick you int he face or Widows drop down.

So what do you do?

Honeslty this is the type of game play that I have seen run off a few players that have been around for a while. Im not naming names, but I sense their frustration and understanding it. I would never quit, but I get what they are talking about with a lot of these “guess break” is the only chance you have characters and play styles.

I recommend waiting for easy to recognize air normals to break. All two hit target combos/normals are medium, widow’s drop is medium.

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I just focus on scouting the heavy punch and kick air normal, if i see them i break, if i don’t see them then i wait to see if a second hit comes out and break medium on reaction. Sure she’ll sneak a lot of light punches and single hit mediums through me but I’d rather those get by than heavies. Also keep an eye out for launcher.

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I scout for particular things (2x = med, widow’s drop), and sometimes I just flat out guess based on spacing and range.

Wait…so her air target combo is always medium? The drop is medium only too? I thought here were 2 version of the drop that bounce …salticide?
I always lock out on the air juggles…I just cant not try to break…bad habit I know.

What the heck is that move were she drops but her hands/arms flail out were it bounces you and keeps the juggle going?

Do you guys struggle against good Sadiras or is this easy and Im just missing something?
her webs always seem to pass by my Orbs also and she fly’s right on in.

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One bounces the opponent off the floor and has a lot of hitstun, and one pogos on them and juggles them.

Widow’s drop (medium) is the former, salticide (heavy) is the latter.

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Sadira’s target combo always ends in a medium attack. (MP, MK, D-MK)

D-HK (Salticide) bounces the opponent and has a lot of hit stun in combos making it easy to break.

Best was to break her is to look at their combo tendencies. Look at certain strings and see familiar patterns. Break accordingly. She also has weak damage making it not as punishing to get hit by many combos. Although good Sadira players try to hide their tendencies, many fall victim to using a j.heavy attack or flipout.

Best way to deal with Sadira is to challenge her in air-to-air exchanges and anti-airs. When she’s on the ground, don’t give her any breathing room. She lacks reversals, making it optimal to keep her grounded.

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Sadira also generally needs to use her heavy command normal or light recluse eventually during the parts of her juggles when she’s grounded. Her options to relaunch opponents in the air are actually somewhat linear there.

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No, that’s not what they’re saying. They’re saying be on the lookout for Sadira hitting you in the air multiple times. If she ever hits you with strings of buttons in the air, the later buttons she’s using are mediums. So be on the lookout and if she hits you more than once, break medium.

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Ahhh ok…thanks guys. Ill give this a shot. Ive been having a tough time against Sadira’s online lately. I either get locked out to much and the juggles just go on forever or I constantly get hit with the web kunai even though I have balls on the screen and I seem safe, yet it still catches me.

Folks honestly, just use Gargos. That is the ultimate solution for dealing with Sadira. :smiley:

But I dont like Gargos either lol…those are my 2 problem characters

I was being snarky, but Gargos can totally destroy Sadira with little effort (at least to me).

Honestly, as a Sadira main, I seldom get to fight Sadira, and when I do, its 90 seconds of air ballet much of which consists of dodging each others attacks. :stuck_out_tongue:

Man she is tough for Omen IMO…regardless of how many balls are on the screen it seems she can always get past them and its juggle city.

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Honestly, Omen shouldn’t have any trouble with Sadira, but ONLY if he can keep pressuring her. Most of the Omen I fight will run to the other side of the screen and toss Rashakukens. While it is good at keeping her at bay momentarily, they are so far spread about that she can dodge them, and if Omen gets a few dud ones, then he’s toast.

What Omen should be doing is using Rashakukens up close to pressure her. If she tries to land on top of him, use his Eclipse attack to knock her out of the air… or if you have meter, use his shade attack to warp out of her attack of which will make her vulnerable. Omen only needs two bars of meter to do this. Pressure her into a corner and pretty much she’s toast.

Much like Glacius, Omen can use his fire balls to make his slides, jumps, and other attacks safe.

In short, if Sadira is bullying you, it is because you are giving her too much respect. Don’t respect the b*WQ!DCH. Keep pressuring her. Even if she hits you, at this moment she doesn’t have much damage, so you should be able to take the punishment, just to get close to her. NEVER give her room.

Thats makes since and I understand that game plan, but my problem at the moment is not being able to break her when she gets me in the more technical juggles. Like I said in the OP Im bot talking about the average scrub Sadira, Im talking about really really good Sadiras with major tech that’s hard to read and break. Then when you do make the read or break they change it up.

But Ill continue to stay on her…but I have to work on my defense, not my offense.

The thing is, Sadira has limited options in terms of techy juggles. In order to create longer than usual juggles she has to use MP into LWD into Fang and repeat.

Maybe we should do a set sometime. As a Sadira main, I would be more than happy to test your skills. Then again, I just got literally schooled by a friend playing Tusk. I still hurt from that one.

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