How do you beat kim wu with jago?

It seems that kim wu is one of my toughest MUs when using jago, mainly because I haven’t played against that many people who use kim. And when there is, it’s usually someone who knows how to use her and I get wrecked. Any tips, strategies on what I can do in this situation?

Come to think of it, I don’t really know how I do it. Using the charge fireball into dash cancel is a good way. Although I have been bodied by a few Kim Wu players.

Maybe this will help?

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Don’t throw fireballs. Rush her down, Kim has a tough time dealing with rushdown characters. She has poor wakeup without meter so bully her on wakeup.

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I played a ton of sets with @TheNinjaOstrich who has a solid Kim.

As a Jago it comes down to three things.


Kim has a monster parry, she can actively catch any of Jagos normals or wakeup pressure since he will either go low, high or a grab. If you notice Kim is waking up with parry then grab. If she sits there like a rock than apply pressure. He only safe wakeup requires her to utilize meter and at least one dragon, so being aware of those are crucial.

Play as Jago

She can ultimately gain dragons from Endokukens so it’s not the most viable option. However because Jago can cancel his fireballs or increase their size, she will often whiff her parry. Doing this allows you to make a move. Throw a fireball and even if she parrys it, the follow-up windkick will catch her. Moreover, she can often mistime the parry allowing for you to hit her with a beefy fireball.

Shadow Counters

They are AMAZING for Jago. Because Kim essentially can option select during her moves, Jago can catch her in most moves that she tends to throw out. Be careful because her dragon cancel can often be a bait for a shadow counter.

I can’t break down the stats or tell you much of the extremely pro-leveled players. But based on experience, these worked for me best.

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