How Do Wins/Loses in Killer vs Killer Ranked Matches Affect Achievements?

So I’m still in the Gold Leagues ._. topic for another time though

That being said I know that Ranked matches between two Killers are best 2 outta 3

I’m an Achievement Hunter & you guys know how there’s that cheevo for everyone that requires you to win 20 ranked matches with them?

Well if I were to ever make it into the Killer Leagues and battle against another Killer ranked opponent, then would I have to win both rounds of the fight in order to make any progress towards unlocking my achievements for winning 20 ranked matches?

Example: I’m using Thunder, I win the first round but then lose the remaining two rounds. Would that 1 win count towards my achievement for winning 20 ranked matches with him?

That being said the reverse could be asked as well…if I were to beat my opponent 2-0 then would that count as 2 wins or only 1?

Just wondering if I’ve got my work cut out for me once I get out of the Gold Leagues lol

I believe so. As I’m a killer, in order for me to win a match, I would need to win both rounds. Like I’m guessing if you see the Winner menu, then you’re good. Lol :slight_smile:

Then it’ll take twice as long to get my cheevos D:

lol I figured that was the case, but I was hoping I was wrong

That’s Ok. It will be a journey for you, but you will feel amazing after it. The Ultimate test of skill!

You will be like:

(Not the name of the actual achievement nor Gamerscore)


But if you look at the leaderboards you get a won match for each round, not for winning the 2 out of 3, so who knows?

Update ~ can confirm that winning rounds in Killer vs Killer ranked matches counts towards Achievement progress.

So if you win one round but then lose the other two rounds then it still counts towards a win for your achievement. Just got it for Shadow Jago even though I hadn’t played 20 games. Round wins do count :wink:


You da real MVP.