How do I use Maya's new Dagger ender?

Can anyone help me with this? I’m trying my best to figure out a good way to capitalize on Maya’s new dagger ender, but it seems tough.

Also, it’s kinda BS that the daggers build KV ya know?

I found once its out i get hit every damn time

But i been back dashing and then letting it hit them rish in get a combo let them hit instinct and been seeing 70*

I hope Maya’s Dagger Assault can be changed to allow it to require a the same number of hits based on her current pip count to stop the ender. So if she has four pips, she needs four hits to stop the assault, one pip then one hit. They did the same for Spinal’s instinct skulls, I wonder if they can do the same for Maya’s Dagger Assault. As it it is now, its too risky to use. As @Gamerlcd demonstrated in a stream, Maya can’t even grab while the Assault ender is activated. I wonder if anyone @ItotheG will read this but it could help with the ender’s use.

Last post was 6 days ago huh? Oh well, let me weigh in anyways.

In my opinion all of the negatives of dagger assault highly outweigh any positive outcome it may bring and to be honest, Maya can be played completely like the pip system doesn’t even exist in S3. There are just too many ways for DA to end that makes it bad.

Below are all of the following ways DA can end prematurely:

  • Combo Breaker
  • Counter Break/Attempt
  • Throw Tech
  • Any Hit
  • Any Projectile Invincible Move

The problem with Dagger Assault is that your opponent doesn’t have to respect it at all. When activated it doesn’t even start right away and Maya has to sit there and wait for the first rotation to begin (about 1.5sec) to even start her pressure and make use of the move. This gives the player a chance to get them off by whatever means, dash up throw, overhead, shadow move, jab, really anything. The daggers themselves do no damage so it’s always going to be in my best interest to do whatever I can to get them off of me early before the full rotation ends; I will take trades all day long. Even if Maya is able to confirm and start a combo she can’t really do much, right because without daggers she only has access to kick moves making her even easier to break which also ends the rotation early leaving her without daggers for a while. Even if she tries to counter break, the daggers will end whether shes right or wrong.

Knowing that the daggers don’t hit high, it’s not very hard to block anything Maya has coming because it’s either going to be overhead which is extremely slow and reactable to or C.LK. Another problem with the move is that it destroys the KV meter while she is combo-ing also making shadow linkers incredibly easy to break because the daggers are hitting at the same time meaning they can just mash the breaker.

With its current iteration I will probably never use the move and she doesn’t really need it anyways. I don’t really have any ideas on how to make the move any better because the result could make them too good or overpowered; such as not making them go away on hit or making them hit overhead. Another idea someone had is to make them similar to spinal skulls which is to only make them go away based on the number of pips/skulls that are currently in place.

These are just my own opinions but Maya’s daggers are very valuable to her in S3 especially with Mantis combos being back. Putting yourself into situations by using DA or throwing the unblockable (since it causes juggle now) for an unpredictable outcome that could leave her without tools is just not a good idea. Just play solid.

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Thank you. I am a beginner with Maya but my concerns about this Ender are reinforced. I am not sure how much more time I should spend playing around with this ender, it has cost me a few matches. And mainly because of the reasons you specify in your last paragraph.

What if we could control it? Like, while it’s active, we can press light punch to make Temperance attack and medium punch to make Vengeance attack? Heavy punch could do a less damaging version of the old damage ender, dependent on the dagger levels. This would end the dagger assault instantly too.

Yeesh, Spinal and Maya were two of my mains. Now I’m struggling to relearn my favorite characters.


This new Ender is H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E! No one is using it because it is too risky to lose both daggers without any benefit. Needs a complete re-design. Bring back the old Ender even if it needs to have reduced damage.

I would say just adjust this current one a little for example, after she does the dagger ender she could kick off further away from the opponent leaving them in staggered state while she’s in recovery to prevent getting jabbed once and losing everything you worked hard for so quickly and easily.

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I’m fine with the risk involved in using dagger assault.

My problem is that the reward just isn’t enough. The only benefit I see is a few mixup and pressure opportunities, but that’s about it. The daggers add too much kv and do too little damage, making combos during dagger assault combos do less damage than normal combos. Considering how little damage the ender itself does, this is too little. And resets are low damaging during this as well.

It’s way too difficult to do your setups and combos right in order to make dagger assault worth it in the long run. As opposed to the unblockable homing dagger where I can get a free combo, that’s easy to get stuff off of. I understand the positive that dagger assualt is usable even if you don’t have full pips (cause let’s be honest, nobody used the old dagger ender unless they had full pips). I understand they don’t want to make braindead mechanics that are too strong, but when you have to try so hard to make anything off of something you earned, it’s just not ideal for people. Crazy tech or not, there’s not enough reward.

Ways to buff dagger assault
-when combo broken daggers come back to maya or go in the same direction forwards her
-make them do more damage in combo or build WAY less kv meter.
-increase chip damage on it or make it over head so maya can open you up instead of you just blocking
-ender should knock them farther way so they can’t attack you before the assault starts
-Lastly give her a shadow version (because shadow daggers are useless) that does more damage, starts quicker, has more hits, and hits are faster

My ways to improve the usability:

-daggers deal more damage, more potential damage or build less kv
-being hit out of dagger assault returns daggers to you, if dagger assault completes they still separate
-Give a manual trigger command for daggers, such as LP uses yellow and MP uses purple. This could lead to interesting combos and resets.

Or just give us back the old ender that we all loved! Hell i’ll takes 50% damage hit on the damn move if that’s what the issue was, but as it stands i still enjoyed the old version a ton more. I don’t even pay attention to my pips anymore to be honest.

Here’s an example of how to use Dagger Assault.


As a Maya main, I can say that Her Dagger Assault ender is… underwhelming. (Her worst ender)

IMO this ender is another tool to download your opponent, albeit an EXTREMELY risky one. If you’re confident in your timing & footsies, you can fish for mistakes in their game plan & capitalize with short combos.

Optimistically, if you keep your combos tight, you should get 2 one chance combos out of a fully pipped (…is that the past tense of Pip? Is Pip even a verb? lol ) ender.

In reality though, in almost every scenario, using the homing unblockable will yield more damage & better results.

Make sure to Master your non-dagger gameplan before you test this ender against people, for you will bath heavily in salty tears.

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I’ve been picking up momentum with Maya and I have to say this is the best advice one could offer.

A majority of KI players do not expect Maya’s new dagger ender to come around. So if and when it does you can throw players off.

The clip provided with Maya recapturing off Cinder from the dagger assault I would not think of in the slightest and will try to replicate that scenario now.

Thanks for the advice and video, Mocha!

I actually fought Nicky’s Mira yesterday, and my dagger assault s were actually paying off :smile:

Nice SonicDolphin. I’m glad you’re finding use of it.
P.S. The new changes help a bit, but the same advice stands.

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