How do I take screenshots and use voice chat?

I’ve been using the print screen button, and pasting into MSPaint.
Is there a way to take screenshots that get saved to the HDD?

And I’m checking the menus, but I don’t see an option to use or enable my mic?

There is but we are seeing issues with the Win10 Gamebar. When it is fixed we will give you the proper way to take a screenshot.

is there a way to use my mic?

Is it USB or headphone jack?

Regular headphones and mic. Not usb.

Open your OneDrive settings, go to the Auto save tab, and check “Automatically save screenshots I capture (with the Print Screen key) to OneDrive” (they’ll be in /Pictures/Screenshots). I know you’re not technically taking a screenshot from the game itself, but as long as it’s running in full screen (and as long as you don’t mind the capture being at your monitor’s native resolution) it’s a great workaround.

Hey let me use this thread to ask a question, there is a way to mute the microphone?(PC) The obvious answer is to mute my own mic, but i want to talk in the skype so i just want to mute for KI.

I didn’t find any option in the help menu.

You have to disable your microphone through windows right now.