How do I just buy season 2 by itself

The only set of characters I don’t have are season 2 since season 3 was on special earlier I got that first. But each combo of characters are bundled as a whole game purchase or season 1 & 2. Since it doesn’t offer any discount is my only choice to buy season 2 through a bundle? Which means double purchasing content I already own. Which would be a huge shame and hinderance honestly.

You can not buy season 2 as a stand alone package. You can buy each character individually (note they don’t come with their retro costumes).

I own season 1 and haven’t bought s2/3 because I can’t buy that as a package and money is pretty tight my way. I hope they do some sort of s2+3 package down the road post s3.

I hope they change it so that you can buy season 2 individually. Buying the characters individual is a steap price point.
With the announcement of the definitive edition it’s even more unfortunate that it’s so difficult to buy season 2 that reflects its true price.

Yeah when S3 launched they removed the ability to purchase S2 standalone for some odd reason. Right now your best bet is to buy the S1+S2 pack at 30$, or buy the complete pack at 50$. If you buy one of those packs you can try contacting Xbox Support beforehand to get a refund for your previous purchase since it’s included in the new pack, I know some people had some luck with that.

Season 2 ultra edition always went for 40 bucks. Maybe just wait for the definitive edition for the same price on September?

I own season 2 and 3 ultra editions and I got season 1 through games with gold. I wanted to buy season 1 but instead I’ll wait for the definitive edition

Cheers guys, I might chase up Xbox support and see what happens

Suprised one of the devs dont provide some help :frowning:

You are 2 months away from obtaining all of them.
Maybe after Octobet they will offer owners if random seasons a discount?

At 40 bucks find a few games you aint playing trade them in lol what i always do buy 6 games all year rarely touch them trade them in for a game later and usually it’s that one gamw no doubt ima dig