How do I get Shadow Jago?

He’s not in the store, and when I do come across him, it says bundle only. I select that, and there are no bundles.

He’s a limited edition fighter. Only becomes available to purchase on special occasions for a limited time.

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What you do is you host a local tournament and then tweet IG and they’ll send you a code.

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Is that really a thing? XD

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Yep, they actually mentioned it on stream yesterday at Final Round. They didn’t have Shago on the consoles so they simply asked and got a code to install him.


Are any of you telling the truth. Had no interest in him, till I saw this skin.

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It kinda sounds like exploitation of the system, if someone were to host a local tournament JUST to get their hands on Shadow Jago. XD


well I’m sure that one is b.s, but makes me wonder if the first one is too. Just wondering.

I’m willing to bet they will make him available again around the season 3 launch so everyone on PC has the chance to get him as well. Personally, I’m okay with ending the exclusivity window on the character. It’s played it’s role long enough, but the special colors are a unique case, so I’ve got my color 10, hope to get that 11. As long as those don’t get messed around with, I’m okay.

Nobody here is lying so far, he is a limited release character that’s been sold like 3 times so far. He may be sold again someday, nobody knows. Also IG does give out codes for Shago to tournament operators but cheating that kindness isn’t recommended.

Sorry friend, he is exclusive. I got into KI during the start of Season 2, when he was still just a Jago Skin. Ended up throwing $56 bucks to get him… No regrets.

Pretty much comes down to waiting until he is up for grabs again during special circumstances or go though eBay (dum dum daaaaah).

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I had him since season 1. Got him when Xbox Live cards were on sale for the holidays. Very lucky break.

But I did spend $20 on the Shadow Jago fund when it happened. I wanted to see him become his own character badly, and even though I already owned him, I bought him again just to see him become real.

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