How do I deal with Sadira's pressure? (Fulgore Help)

Ok so breif scenario: Sadira is able to get past my zoning is now ontop of me, usually starts with a light or medium web-dagger and then does widow drop before I can do a DP or crouching HP (which is kind of iffy cause I can miss pretty terribly here)

Any tips on how I can wriggle out of that or at least have some ways I can stop her when that happens?

Hmmm. Sadira is a tricky one but my go to strategy is keeping her cornered and grounded as much as possible and not giving her a chance to stay in the air. Your only reliable anti air is a dp so your options are limited if you choose to play defensively. Other than practicing your reaction times for dp’s my advice is to try and out-pressure her before she has a chance to get you cornered. But that’s just my 2 cents, take from it what you will :slight_smile:

A friend of mine with a great Sadira told me always to check on her position, but it’s hard to do. I usually check the web they throw (medium will mean they’ll may try to double jump cross up) and the light I don’t care much. I like to take some distance too, and when they wallbounce punish them with my character. Once they are down I must start my pressure. Good Sadiras will use shadow counters, escape with the shadow. Other Sadiras will try to crush lows with the spninig move (which is the punches one?). Some will anti air with qcb + K. I went to the lab and check how to punish this particular moves and the cross ups. If it’s a meaty (in the air) you must block, not much to do against that but after learning how to punish some of her stuff you must keep the pressure. Easier said than done.

Which character do you play? If you have an invencible dp just wait her to throw the web and then input the dp to the side she’s trying to go. Sometimes you just can dash out of her jumps if they aren’t timed well.

Any @Sadira main out there to help and give extra tips? XD

My go to strategy with Aria was to shotgun knee under her when i thought the Windows bite was coming. She’d whiff it and i could anti air her safety from the opposite side. I would assume Fulgore could do the same with cyber dash though it is a bit slower.

I use Fulgore (which I stated in the topic of the thread. The problem I have so far with DPs is that it takes alot to execute not usually an issue other than when Sadira is right ontop of me. However I’ll try your suggestion @!MaruMDQ

hmm I’ll give it a shot @SithLordEDP

The only time I’d try to DP Sadira is on the approach, once she is above you, you either need to wait for her to do something unsafe and punish from the ground or you can try and contest her with a very well timed light dp since it doesn’t have much horizontal movement. Once you have her on the ground, always meaty projectiles and meaty normals, keep her grounded. She loses to Fulgore on the ground but wins in air. She can’t stay in the air forever(unless she spams HK tow tap) That you can actually shadow teleport to punish(if you have the meter). You can always try to dash too, if you can make something miss and force her back to the ground, that’s another way to get by her stuff. I’ve sometimes shadow countered to get away too. She can’t chase very fast as far as the blade dash will take you. So it’ll give you a small breathing window.

Seems really useful! I’ll try it out Sullen, thanks!

Sadira main since season 1:

Alot of her pressure is overrated IMO. The only time you should really be worried is on knock down (Fulgore v Sadira). Just try your best to block because 90% of that stuff is reactable, not to mention the stuff that isnt is punishable (aside from some really high execution mixups). AA is super important but you have a DP so actually your job isnt as hard as it could be. If she throws MWB its punishable by L DP. It has way less block stun than you think it does. There are some specific ranges where she’ll go over your DP, but she has to be pretty close to you for that, and that kinda means she won the neutral for that to happen. If she does jump in LWB shes negative on block, so just hit lk and go nuts. I would say just do DP if you see her jump in neutral until she starts baiting it with jump forwards and then jump back or jump MWB. Then once they commit to that mind game, if you think shes gonna jump back, just chill and block, react to the jump back and then backdash to gain space. If you think shes gonna MWB, just block and punish. Worst case scenario is you guess wrong and your on defence. On defence if shes just doing jump HK over and over, jump back LP, or LK. Mind you thats only if you have a read.

In neutral she cant really do a ton to stop fulgore, She can usually keep people out by throwing HWB but fulgore can just H eye lazer through, so thats not really a solution. I also think using M eye lazer is good as a poke, because it can be hard to react to and it beats alot of sadiras options (I think you can pip cancel it into DP yah?)

Also, I havent played KI in a while so take what I’m saying with a grain of salt. But I also remember fulgores H DP having a ton of invincibility, so It can probably go through alot of Sadira’s projectiles.

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DP motions I admit are tough to pull sometimes when she’s right on me, but that’s just gonna have to be practice.

Thanks for your input, I’ll try this out the next time I run into her. : )