How do I create a poll in this new forum?

I have no idea how to make a poll now.

I’ll be making a How-To post soon on it for easier access!

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What about multiple ones?

Anyone know how to add names to a poll?

Look @CStyles45’s post.

I have a thread ready with multiple polls and I can’t post it because it says there’s multiple polls without names, use the name attribute. Don’t know how to do that.

Any help?

Making a poll on here is easy, first click “Reply” obviously.

Then you see that little “Setting” icon there?

Click that and you’ll see this:

And then this gives you the option to Build a poll, Blur spoilers or hide details.

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It still keeps giving me problems, this message is still appearing:

“There are multiple polls without a name. Use the ‘name’ attribute to uniquely identify your polls.”