How do I choose between shin or normal Hisako

I’m just gonna cut to the chase, I’m new to the game and don’t really have the ability to choose between shin or regular hisako. They both seem really cool but I don’t understand the differences too much.

welcome! shin hisako (or shisako) is a more straight forward traditional character, but her orb play can be pretty fun and can possibly require some lab time to come up with cool things.

hisako is really strong in that she can parry low and high attacks and go directly into the combo and her wrath meter is pretty complex.

Fortunately we have one of the strongest Hisako players frequenting the forums. He goes by Storm179. If you look him up on youtube you’ll find great insight on how to play Hisako.

For starters check these out:

best online/mobile free KI guide -
(read up on everything but particularly hisako and shin hisako’s pages)

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basically anything at this channel -

Shin Hisako developer breakdown -

This set is Storm179 (the great Hisako player) commentating his set live against a very solid Shin Hisako player (Amenty). Regardless of who wins, you’ll get insight on both characters.

Random shisako matches -

Lastly, here are some nice Shisako players I’ve encountered:
(feel free to reach out to em, or search em on youtube)
allan deyvis

Hope this helps!


I wil push you to shin hisako :star_struck:, since i think shes way fare better than hisako, great range normals, great damages overal " even the grab, and a real hurty DP :sweat_smile: with great range also, she got nice techs and vortex, if you smart enought when in instinct you enter in instinct " the game become like CAT and mouse " you are the cat and have to try to catch the mouse :relaxed: in a corner " best way".

Hisako i don’t know what to say… lol lol but i play hisako also since shes more easy to use :hugs:

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Both Hisako and Shin-Hisako are two separate characters with their own character select icons. Hisako being second row third from the right and Shisako in the third row in the middle (see photo). You must own the individual characters in order to play as them. Also you don’t need Hisako to play as Shisako or vice versa. I hope this answers your question.


Wow! Holy ■■■■ man, thanks for this amazing response! This was so in depth and super useful! This community is really dedicated.


Okay, thanks for your response!

Hisako basically gets infinite pressure as long as she retains enough rage to cancel into counters. She’d be op if she wasn’t so easy to break.

I’ve still yet to fight a capable Shin Hisako; very easy to shadow counter

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Np! That’s what we’re here for! :slight_smile:

Go Shisako because no one plays her and she needs more representation!


They kind of look the same, but they play way different. The most important differences are that Hisako walks increeeedibly slow but has powerful grab moves and a lightning fast forward dash. Shin Hisako walks decently fast and uses her forward dash as a teleport and doesn’t have any powerful grabs at all, but has a great anti-air attack and reversal, whereas regular Hisako has to work harder there.

Dunno if you’ve played other fighting games like SF4, but I would say regular Hisako is close to Makoto and Shin Hisako is close to Fei Long.


I totally agree… man I wish Makoto comes to SFV… I couldn’t play her in SFIV… because I couldn’t play SFIV at all.

They’re very different characters actually. They share great normals (Hiasko’s are longer than Shin’s in general, Shin’s are faster), but other than that have pretty different gameplans. I think Hisako is the better character (hits harder, less bad fights), but Shinsako is still very underexplored in all honesty, and is maybe the easier character to just pick up and play.

I don’t think any part of this is true :sweat_smile:

Check out this thread for a goodly chunk of base Hisako play.

And if you’ve got any specific questions on Hisako, please feel free to tag me and ask away. I can help a bit with Shinsako as well, though I’m not the absolute best with her or anything.