How do I break Hisako?

I’m having a lot of trouble breaking Hisako’s combos. I thought about this today and spent a little time in practice and here’s what I think.

  1. The last hit of her qcb P linker (starts with an i, can’t remember the name) seems to be really short and quickly go into the next move, and so is hard for me to react to, even on the heavy.

  2. Her heavy and medium doubles are quick and similar on the first hit, and while the second hit is pretty distinctive, I tend to react better when I can see the first hit and react to the second. Add to this the fact that she can delay that second and attack at several timings and… well ,there you go. Hard to break for me.

  3. Her on ryo zan linker seems to be the easiest to react to, but that’s probbaly why I don’t see it very often.

What cues do you guys use to break Hisako?

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I break her linkers almost exclusively, although I do think her heavy AD’s are pretty distinctive. ORZ linker is very easy to break, but as you say, that just makes most of us not use it. I personally think influence linker is pretty reactable, so beyond the above I don’t really have anything to add.

Sorry can’t be more helpful.

I have lost many matches with Aria fighting Hisako as I failed to recognize the best place to break. But on ryo zan linker is what I break most consistently.
As noticed, better players will use this less or avoid as a linker…

You can also look at the animation of your character when it gets hit. Each strength autodouble and linker gives responding hitstun animations. Not that I can do it, but it’s possible, heh.

Yeah, I know that, but when I started playing around with it, I noticed that the reel animations also differ depending on where you’re hit (different between low and mid attacks at the very least). I’ll take it to training mode, though.