How did you become KI fan?

So let’s discuss about how did we become Killer Instinct fan. How/When did you become KI fan and what made you want to play the game? Why or why not? I will start with myself

In June 10, 2013, I played Injustice 1 on Xbox 360 and waiting for Xbox E3 press conference stream started at my old home then the strong winds and heavy storm came. Suddenly tornado path was on its way to my old home and my parents told my big brother and me that we should bring our dogs in the SUV and go to church where my father used to work there before the tornado destroy the house. So we rushed to the church and stayed there for few hours till tornado warning stopped. When I started watching Xbox E3 press conference stream on YouTube in one of the classroom and I noticed green glow Killer Instinct logo flashing in Killer Instinct teaser video’s thumbnail in “up next” videos. I curiously clicked the video, and suddenly Ninja with weird hair (It was Jago before I know what is his name) appeared in the amazing intro. He beat up the werewolf then… Iceman appeared in his intro and beat up the werewolf again. (Poor Sabrewulf) I was quickly fascinated with Killer Instinct 2013 because of Glacius’ design and interesting combo system. So I decided to research KI’s lore on wiki and watch old KI games videos on YouTube. My parents gave me a gift, Xbox One console and Xbox Live 12 months on Christmas Day. Later, I bought Killer Instinct Season 1 Ultra Edition in Xbox One games. No other Xbox One games I have but only Killer Instinct Season 1. I became addicted to KI and played the game everyday without stopping. Killer Instinct is the reason that I bought Xbox One console.

By the way, my old house didn’t get destroy by tornado.

I take picture of downloaded Killer Instinct Season 1 before play the game.


What got me hyped for KI was when I was a teenager Nintendo Power did a lot of heavy promotion of KI. There was a quick snipit of the game at the end of the infamous Donkey Kong Country promotional VHS , as well as several articles in Nintendo Power showing off the original game, as well as having a bunch of merchandise, like a certain t-shirt I used to use for my avatar.

Considering that I was already enjoying Street Fighter 2 and Mortal Kombat, hopping on board with a game that seemed to be a hybrid of the 2 was pretty much a no-brainer.


I became a KI fan thanks to the Yoshi vs Riptor episode of Death Battle. Being a huge dinosaur nut, I investigated KI and fell in love with the characters, world, and what little story existed in Season 1. Then when I needed to make the next gen jump for MKX and Arkham Knight, KI became the title which pushed me into the Xbox One Camp.


I first encountered KI in the same grungy, dimly lit mall arcade where I first put a quarter into a street fighter game a few years before. I was drawn over by the sound - which was extremely loud, and in retrospect pretty obnoxious. Some guys were playing fulgore and when they did his head cannon no mercy it was impossible not to hear it.

The immediate draw was the graphics - which were revolutionary at the time. Subsequently I learned in many (many) magazine articles (no internet so we had a lot of video game magazines) that these were being produced on silicon graphics workstations (ooh) and then turned into flat sprites and ported I the machine. A lot of the articles were focused on the idea of the future N64 and sadly this version of the game never came to pass. I played quite a bit but never truly figured out the combo system - just learned a few neat looking strings. Even when the game came home and was a minor obsession during my freshman summer I couldn’t really understand why some things chained for some characters and other things just never did. And the ability to do lengthy combos with some characters was much much easier than with others. But the game was still incredible to behold even on SNES.

KI2 came to the arcade and looked even better. It also added new frustrations for the way the Enders worked and the SNES port was hobbled by the lack of a decent N64 controller for fighting games. The world moved on but like many of you, I suspect, I always dreamed of a new and improved KI with more consistency in the combo system.

It’s impossible to overstate my excitement at the announcement of KI2013 for Xbox one - a console and generation for which I had very little enthusiasm. And then listening to DH interviews about the development process and how they were thinking about it, it was as if they had just asked me directly what I wanted in the game. I preordered and KI was the first digital download on launch day for the Xbox One.


I had a friend who was hype about it when the Xbox One launched. We played a few games in S1, but I didn’t think much of it or Fighters in general. Then S2 came around and he got really hyped about Riptor’s release and bought me the Combo Breaker Pack as a Christmas gift. We started playing a lot more and I enjoyed it enough to buy S2, and the game just hooked me at some point between getting comfortable with the game mechanics, playing online, learning about the history of the series, and getting excited for all the new characters and updates. Now here I am still on this forum over 4 years later. :sweat_smile:


I became a fan the moment I played Glacius (Season One version) in a match. Wasn’t too hyped because so many good fighting games came out before and I thought KI missed an opportunity to shine along side Mortal Kombat (2011). The rest is history.

Yeah, one thing I was really glad about was how they opened up the combo system in KI3. Both KI 1 & 2 had their weird quirks when it came to how to auto-double and I wasn’t a fan of the drastic change between the 2. I know Fulgore had 1 combo that save for the ender could be done entirely with FK (Cyber Dash, FK, Eye Laser, FK, ender), but primarily it followed a strict " if you push “x” you follow up with “y” and vice versa"(FP-MK, FK-MP, LP-LK) pattern .

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This is going to be a big one so bare with me. My interest in KI goes way back in my day. I was about 6 or 7 at the time.

It was mid 90’s.My older brother and dad came home from Hastings. (We rented video games sometimes) I saw my older brother carrying two snes games. One of the was a b lack cartridge. As soon as he popped it in, I started watching him play. I was amazed by what I was seeing. I watched my brother pick Jago who became an instant favorite for him. His first fight was with thunder. Me and jeff were given a chance to play and we scrolled through the characters and that’s when we saw Riptor. We instantley had a mirror match all the while trying to figure out what she was.

I became a fan sense. Later that night my older brother had a talk with us and told us they were going to keep one of the games a little bit longer. We chose KI. The other game was a beat em up with two characters using swords. Not sure it what it was, but it could’ve been one of Capcom’s beat em up games. But needless to say, I became a huge fan of KI thanks to Riptor. But me and Jeff never got to ahve a copy that we could own until much later. During the summer, my dad took me and jeff to one of our local game stores. That’s when we saw Killer Instinct. We brought it home, and I popped in the cartridge and started playing.

I could go into more details later, because man do I have a ton of memories with this game.


This is mostly an educated guess, but it sounds like the beat em up you mentioned is Knights of the Round. At the moment I can’t think of any other SNES game in the genre that had characters that used swords.

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I was watching one of Max’s videos. It looked cool so I decided to purchase the game. Oddly enough, when I bought my Xbox One, a gamestop employee asked if I wanted to purchase Gold that included Shadow Jago. I had no idea what KI was so I asked what type of game was it. The gamestop guy told me it was like Mortal Kombat. I decided to not get it since I didn’t like NRS games. I enjoyed fighting games, just not MK. Regretted not getting it haha.


Yeah that could be the one.

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@MandrillManiac @TheNinjaOstrich @FallofSeraphs76 @Dayv0 @Fwufikins @oTigerSpirit

Can you tell us how did you become KI fan? I would love to hear your story about it!


I was about 16 years old and at our local Mall Arcade “The Tilt”. I loved playing Street Fighter 2 and MK2 in the arcade. Everyone would be crowded around MK2… you would have to stand in line and force your quarters up on the cabinet to get next.
One weekend night I walked into the arcade and MK2 was empty, but there was about 30 ppl surrounding a new game, it was loud, the people were loud, and it was a big deal! I wiggled my way through the crowd to see what the fuss was about, I got a glimpse of a robot fighting and ice alien, the 3D graphics were something never seen before and then you seen it…the Ultra…you heard it “ULTRAAAAAA COOOOMBOOOOOO!!!”
I was like WOW!!! SO I watched as long as I could, I didn’t get to play until the end of the night when it had finally calmed down. I totally sucked at it. SO I practiced any chance I could every weekend at the mall.
THen it came out on super nintendo and I got it the weekend it released. I practiced day and night everyday.
There was a guy at the arcade named ACE…he had all the top scores on KI, he was a beast with TJ combo… I could never beat him. He would laugh as I walked away with my head down. I swore one day I would beat ACE. SO I practiced my own TJ combo… everyday.
ONe day I walked into the arcade and there was ACE… I put my quarters up…he laughed as if “oh you want some more assc whooopin huh?”
NOt only did I beat ace that match, I murdered him, I even sent him packing with an ULtimate! He walked way and I never seen ACE again. ANd from that day forward I ruled KI at my arcade and everywhere I went, every town I visited, I searched for KI cabinets to play the local crowd and just enjoy the game.
That’s my story… till 2014. I wanted to play KI again, but the arcade version. SO I looked to by an actual KI arcade cabinet on ebay. THen my friend at work said man they just made a KI on Xbox One. I said…NO WAY!!! I looked on youtube and was like OMG I have to have this!!! I got an xbox one about 3 months later for christmas and started playing KI that night. 2 months later I joined this very forum and met all of you! WHich was the same month Omen released.

And here we are… 2019…KI still my favorite fighter of all time!


Friend of mine told me about a free fighting game on Xbox One when I first got it. Mind you this was when I didn’t know Jack about fighting games, but I like free. Sadira was the Free Character at the time. Brother and I had fun bopping each other, but then went into training mode to learn what’s what. After getting tired of my friend beating me online with Wulf I bought the full version (or rather, asked Mom nicely because I was in high school with no job :sweat_smile: ), and the rest was history.

What really got me into it and got me learning, though was Maximilian’s channel, and discovering this forum around the release of Riptor in S2. Took me from mashing buttons to actually trying to learn. Finally started getting kinda good post S2 and hit my stride in Season 3. Now I have all the characters to 50, a good chunk of the achievements, a couple of statues, and a MIGHTY NEED for a new KI!

I tried other fighting games. Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, King of Fighters, Soul Calibur, Skull Girls… But in my eyes they are all pretenders to the throne.



I fell in love with Riptor.

  1. I played KI1 as a kid on the SNES.
  2. I heard there was a new KI in early 2016, so I started listening to the music and watching the trailers, especially Hisako’s
  3. When my daughter was around 9 or 10 months old, the first music she ever danced to was Hisako’s theme. When she could talk, she would ask for “purple song”, because Hisako’s skin is light-purple in her portrait
  4. Started watching matches, and it looked like fun
  5. Found Core-A-Gaming’s channel, and they made me appreciate the depth of FGs
  6. Finally decided I would play this game and git gud

In 1994 I was on vacation in a classic touristic city in my country which had many arcades saloons.
MK was forbidden for me, my mother didn’t want me to play it, so I was kind of fighting games thristy. I saw this KI game and It was an instant “I’m totally going to play this game”. I saw a Werewolf, a Terminator and Predator tribute and the overall game just hyped me.
My mother saw the characters were kinda robotic compared to realistic MK characters and wouln’t mind me playing it.

That sums it up :joy:


Did you ask her out? :wink:


Yeah. And she ate the waiter.


Uh oh.