How did Mira become a vampire?

I’m confused what made her a vampire, They said she didn’t die in the live stream earlier so she wasn’t brought back to life as one. So what do you think happened to change her to a vampire.

Close to death, given a way of surviving by becoming undead. Gargos probably had a hand in it.


maybe Sabrewulf saved her. But we’ll have to wait to know if she’s evil or not.

I bet the gauntlets did it, much like how Maya struggles with her daggers…


That…makes far more sense than it should.

Idk, but they were both monster hunters so it would make sense for them to be on a mission in which vampires could potentially be involved, and we all know what happens when you get bitten by one.

Though I don’t think her actual story will be that generic/cliche. I too think her gauntlets have something to do with it. If you look at her winpose/screen, you can faintly see black vein like things run up her arms all the way to like the side of her head, and they seem to start where the gauntlets begin on her wrist. Idk if that has any meaning though lol

In some folklore, if you are bitten by a creature of the night you either die or turn into a creature that reflects your soul or personality.

She watched the Lost boys and was never the same…


Does that mean I’ve changed too!?

It all makes sense now - no wonder I always kept the curtains drawn…

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you’re eating maggots michael.