How come on Kim Wu's ultra last 5 hits you can not cancel?

When i perform an ultra with Kim Wu, i can’t cancel her ultra on the last 5 or 6 hits?
Is this supposed to be like this?

I think so. Ultras are only cancelable up to a certain point, sounds like you found said point. Afterwards you have to try for the recapture by linking with a shadow move or popping instinct, the method varies pending on the character your using, like riptor can recapture using shadow clever girl but the timing has to be right on target too and that’s a whole nother headache.

Normally you could always instinct cancel before the juggle portion of whatever ultra but that is odd that you couldn’t on Kim’s last few hits considering they don’t go flying until the last hit.

yeah i know. i thought you could cancel until just before last hit. strange.

All the others I can think of let you cancel their ultras with their instincts, even if it’s in a juggled state. Kim’s is the only one where I think it actually forces you to follow through.

I could be wrong but it seems weird