How come Infilament is not a moderator yet?

@moderators and @Infilament, I’d like an answer to this question.

With as much as he does, and has done, for the community, I think he deserves to have it (assuming he’d want it, of course), or at least in an honorary sense or some other honorary forum label like “KI Guru” or something like that. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you guys would consider something like that, then he’s got my nomination. :wink:


Same here. Very honest and helpful guy he seems like.

Yeah just based on the helpful comments he already drops I feel like he could be speaking with the authority of a moderator. Unless he doesn’t want it, I say give him the perks!

Yes! he deserves something. He puts alot of time and effort into that guide. He also does not blow off someone when they ask a question. I know this because I have asked him questions on different things. There are people in this fourm that have done nothing compared to the guide he did and updates, but they are praised and treated like they are something special.

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This is a regular saying that…and I think in inclined to agree.

@Infilament is there any other way I can contact bastfree besides twitter?

I imagine some people consider moderation as a job (which it is) vs. a privilege which is what many people who do it poorly think it is. Infilment does a lot of work as it is, adding more to his plate may not be desirable.

Which is why I also suggested an honorary title or badge instead to give him the recognition we all think he deserves without the additional workload of actually being a moderator. :wink:

Also, although I do believe you have a valid point, there are many people out there that don’t consider it a big enough job to say, get paid. For example, many of the moderators on the official Xbox forums aren’t paid MS employees - they’re volunteers with special qualifications who choose to do it because they want to.

I appreciate the sentiment fellas. They’re welcome to make me a moderator if they like, but I don’t think I would spend much time looking around and locking threads and doing actual moderator stuff. So perhaps someone else more willing to do that stuff should be one. :slight_smile:

As for a special title or something, it’s fine. I’m not looking for any special recognition. I’d actually kind of prefer to not stand out and not be treated any differently than any other forum poster.

He used to post on these boards, but doesn’t look like he has an account here right now. Twitter is the only way I know how to get in touch with him easily, I’m afraid.

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That train left the station a long time ago, I’m afraid. You’ve got recognition now, whether you wanted it or not.

Welcome to the limelight! :wink:

I’ve been waiting for you to reply. I’m guessing you’ve been busy with all the S3 stuff, am I right?

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Doing IRL stuff. I don’t get to check the forums every day, and when I do I don’t get to read everything. :slight_smile:

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What!? You mean you have time to do that AND have a real life?

…I wish I had 1 of those. :pensive:

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From my FIRST DAY on the forums when i saw your posts for the FIRST TIME, i immediately thought:
“This guy is NOT a developer?”
“He isn’t even a mod?”
“He must be a commentator or SOMETHING.”

I could immediately tell you had a professional passion for this game and the community. I’ve always considered you a community leader, even without a title by your name.

(So imagine how much MORE i was surprised when i saw your website!)

So Humble. This is why you are so cool! :smile:

At least to me… :disappointed_relieved:

(ok, I’m done fangirling, lol)

Y’all are nerds xD

Nerds are going to rule the world one day. Be warned! XD


The moderator process is not something 99.99% of you will ever learn about, and while I - and I am sure, Infil - appreciate the outpouring of support, threads like these aren’t really the way to enact that sort of action.