How can i overcome mental block and get better?

I’ve been playing ki since season 2 started but when season 3 came out thats where i started playing ranked and trying to get better. Im a data player i based my self on frame data mostly and reactions.I main jago mostly my gameplay structure its based on BH Thompxson jago adding some of my jago tech and craziness. In the past two weeks I’ve been put on promotion match to get to killer but for my life i cannot win that promotion match it happened 7 times already so i know i have to improve but i just dont know how ive literally studied @BHThompxson @UABass and @JagoBlake jagos to try to perfect mine and I’ve improve since like a lot but now im stuck. I recently started watching @Infilament breakdowns videos and thats giving me a lot of match up knowledge which its perfect but i would be nice to have some suggestion on how to be better and reach the next “step”

Man, this is a tough question. It may just be that you are psyching yourself out during the ranked match. The hard part about Ranked is you have to study and adapt to your opponent in just three matches. It’s tough to learn a lot from doing that. I might suggest that you find Killer players and invite them to long sets in order to gain some additional experience fighting them. Maybe those folks can give you some feedback about what you might do to improve.

Head on over to the GGs thread and see if any of the folks in there are interested in playing with you. It’s a great bunch and they are likely to have some solid gameplay tips for you.


Looks like you are going the right path when it comes to “mechanics and techinques”. Also having your own style and playing at your own pace it’s good.

First, anyone is beatable with the right reads/reactions or strategy/performance. Looks like that the phrase “promotion match” is causing you some anxiety. Try to be more relaxed and if possible take it as another match. You could also ignore the rank and name of the person that it’s going to play you (names and stars may be intimidating to a lot of players, no joke). But the truth is, you are not facing a God, just another person and with the right choices and button pressing you can get that match =)

Take it easy and best of lucks! (because there can be luck in fighting games too XD )

Running friendly sets with other golds or killers (try to look for players that give you troubles, even if you lose) will also help to improve,and you can take what you learned to ranked.

I’m not playing currently and I’ll probably get rank demoted but honestly I don’t care. If you want some Sabrewulf practice we can run a set. Just let me know =)

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Reaching the next step often involves learning how to stop auto-piloting. I haven’t seen you play, but for the vast majority of beginner to intermediate players, they just auto-pilot.

What I mean is, they have a particular set of strategies that work well, so they just do them without really much thought. They will frequently default to a favorite combo path. They will jump from predictable ranges, because it has worked consistently against lower level players. And they will fall into more easily exploitable defensive patterns.

The first thing you need to do to get better is to understand specifically how and where you are taking and giving damage. How are you getting hit? Is it largely from the air, or from the ground? How are you hitting your opponent, is it largely because your opponent doesn’t know wind kick is unsafe, or doesn’t anti-air your own jumps?

Every person has a habit to exploit, and a good FG player will try his best to minimize his own patterns while finding those of his opponents. You will never be perfect on either side of this, but you need to start thinking in this way.

The best long term way to stop auto-piloting is to shift your focus of thinking during a match away from “what do I want to do right now” to “what does my opponent want to do right now”. Because if you know your opponent’s next move with a high degree of certainty, you can counter it. Most players just think “ok, time to wind kick” and not “ok, it’s time for my opponent to press a low button because he has been sitting there for a while and is frustrated, therefore wind kick sounds like a pretty good idea right now”. See the difference? Once is motivated by nothing other than your desire to do wind kick because it sometimes works, while the other is motivated by a specific intention from your opponent.


Ill head over there right now thanks @BigBadAndy :blush::blush:

Thats true @MaruMDQ when i see the promotion match pop up my heart starts pounding like it wants to get out​:joy::joy: but yeah i see the rank and mostly they have like 1 star or 2 and i immediately start doubting my self

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I kinda understand your point @Infilament but i cant seem to put it in gameplay perspective like for example sometimes i block my self on trying certain things like on the first round i dont use endo at all then on the second round a have a higher success on hitting with the endo because they usually dont expected imo sometime i just do resets with overhead only till the next round then i switch to low resets same with the counter breaks i usually dont counter at all on the first round and do a lot of heavies and mids then on second round i just do lights and counters thats my mindsets when i play with a killer rank so basically i just have to focus more on my opponent behavior and capitalize on his mistakes and minimizing mine’s the most i can…

< head spins> Use a period my man! I actually felt out of breath reading that, lol.

If you want help on putting it into a gameplay perspective, you should post some matches and we can probably help identify some things for you to work on.

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Just work on those nerves XD

And as Infil said, if you could post a match (or even the promotion ones) people from the forums would give you some advice :wink:

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Aight cool​:joy::joy:sorry about that English punctuation its not my forte. English its my second language

Aight ill do that for sure😊

Looks like character tech/ execution phase has plateau’d.

Next up is match up phase. Start learning characters you have a hard time fighting. You’ll discover glaring flaws in their gameplan /tech/pressure ("coughgargoscough*).

Keep in mind that jago players have the distinct disadvantage of having the most week known match up. He is commonly used, and worse, commonly used in the same way.

So if you’re doing the “everyjago”, most killers have their way of getting around that. That puts the burden of match up knowledge on Jago.