How big do you think the season 3 patch will be?

Any guesses from anyone, hopefully its not too big, I want to play on tuesday if at all possible. LOL

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my guess is that you might see a 5.0 GB to 6.0 GB update because of the new lighting and graphic system added to S3. so it’s not too bad, but it can be depending on download speed.

Thats not too bad, I remember in season 2, the patches were basically full reinstalls of the entire game, it was AWFUL.

yeah i feel you, those patches were brutal. just hope the future patches for S3 aren’t too much, looking forward to smooth downloads.

Yeah, I wasn’t into the game that much back then, but i always made sure to keep it updated when the new characters came out, it was a pain.

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BIG IS TOO BIG. AND SOON ISN’T SOON ENOUGH. Anyone who gets that last part gets major points.

Around 6.0 to 8.5 gb I’m guessing.

Seems about right, that shouldn’t take more then an hour or 2 at most to download, and ive got 2 brand new telltale games that might keep me busy during that time.

Let me get along with this topic and ask another question: how big do you think the Supreme Edition will be, when it’s released on Windows?

we’ll end up reinstalling the whole game so we can get it sooner anyways.

Just ask the devs; I’m sure they’ll tell you how big it is, since it’s so close to release. Either that, or you can go look at it in the XBL Games Store - I’m sure it’ll tell you there too (EDIT: according to the store, it’s 10.09 MB in size, although, I’m not sure if that’s just a placeholder until the update actually releases).

Oh, and BTW, it’s NOT a patch. That implies that something was broken and needed to be fixed. Nothing was actually broken. This, is what you would call an update - those generally just make things better than they already were or add something new altogether. :wink:


66.6GB :imp:

@GalacticGeek What you saw in the store technically is all you have to download to unlock Season 3, but yes, we are doing an Update, and that update is replacing a lot of things in the game…like lighting for every character and stage. Plan ahead.

14.7 GB… Although I wouldn’t be surprised with all of the wonderful hard work that’s going into the game.

Oh boy, that means its gonna be another reinstall practically, oh joy :confused:

Probably enough for me to take 2 days to download.

Yeah, im afraid its gonna be a full reinstall basically, which is crap, they need to compress the stuff.