How about a Muhammad Ali charity pack?

As I’m sure you’re aware, the world has lost a legend. The greatest that there ever was, the greatest there will ever be.

I was wondering, could we maybe do a TJ Combo colour or accessory pack to make him resemble Ali? His hair, gloves and shorts maybe? A more “traditional” boxing attire.

Now this isn’t me trying to get something out of somebody’s death, heavens no, but I’m thinking proceeds from such a pack could go towards a Parkinson’s foundation, or the Muhammad Ali Parkinson’s Center.

In fact, here are charities that Ali himself supported:

We’ve already seen what this wonderful community can do when it comes to funding something, and for another example many in the Destiny community (myself included) took part in their Nepal relief programme last year (donated and got in-game cosmetics and an actual shirt), so maybe this could encourage donations that normally wouldn’t be made. Just a thought.


Sounds cool. Sounds very cool. But… There’s a licensing problem there and other legal issues. Especially considering that you want to benefit the Parkinson’s Center. Would take time and may not pan out. Don’t see efforts being made on this.

Yeah, it was just a thought but if it’s too problematic then of course that’s understandable.