Hotfix patch or wait for Mira update?

A lot of gamebreaking bugs have been found since S3 launched, enough to ban certain characters from tournaments. I was wondering if the devs are going to fix the worst issues ASAP or if they’re just going to wait until Mira releases to patch everything.

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I think they will likely just wait until the Mira patch. Aganos brought quite a few game-breaking bugs with his arrival and those where not fixed until the Hisako update.

I have been REALLY expecting a hotfix sometime soon. But Keits said they are working on at least 1 great new system change for update 3.1, so im sure it will be worth the wait.

(The specific one he mentioned was a new buffer on the breaker system.)

Ok, Keits just said that a hot fix for the Glacius shatter bug and the Kan Ra swarm bug is going live today.