Hot Lead questline

I have been playing Shadow Lords for 4 hours straight and the Hot Lead quesline hasn’t appeared yet… Is there any sort of special way to trigger it? I really want to unlock Kilgore in Shadow Lords.

Did you already finish the Forgotten Lab quest?

I don’t think so… How do I trigger it?

Wondering the same. I thought using Kilgore in SL would be a good way for me to level him up/learn him and also unlock some of the other stuff in SL, but I can’t play him in there yet :frowning:

You have to use Aria on the Forgotten Lab quest which will randomly appear on your play through. Once you’ve found the mission use Aria and select security protocol 3 and you will have to fight retro fulgore, Aria, and fulgore again in that order and can be difficult if you’re not prepared. I recommend bringing a fractured ward with a healing potion or use the snake guardian. Afterwards the hot lead mission will be available to be started.

You dont need Aria on your team, but first you need to chase down the items fro Kan ra to create eyedol, that brings up the secret lab quest eventually. Then you have to choose the highest floor level on secret facility.

Then a few turns later you get hot lead.

I believe you have to at least have an Ultratech aligned character on your team.

I say you need Aria because no other character can open the security doors that allow you to see what Aria holds in there(avoiding spoilers here)

I did it without Aria. I had Omen, Shago and Fulgore in that order. I also have the exact criteria to get to the Hot lead quest from the main man himself. James Goddard. :wink:

I would like to point out that I get the Forgotten Lab quest almost every run (unlike the stalker attacks… ugh.) And I haven’t used an ultratecg character in Shadow Lords in about a month. Mostly eyedol, rash, and any other character I haven’t gotten the Mimic skin for.

I know you can do the mission with any character however after you’ve cleared all three security protocols you are given two options depending on what faction your character is. If they are a nightguard or chaos character they get the option to leave or scrap the bots, if it’s an UT character they can leave or attempt to open the security door but will be denied access however, Aria is the only character with access because she’s the leader of UT.

Ahhh… so that makes the mission pop up immediately?

To tell you the truth idk. After you unlock the security door with Aria she explains what’s in there then you’ll have unlocked access to the hot lead mission and it could either come right after completing the Forgotten Lab quest or a couple days after.

I chose the 3rd floor and it wouldn’t open, security clearance yeah yeah, then hot lead came up many days later…it took a while for sure. But it came up. Meanwhile I was doing the Eyedol quest. Iv had Kilgore on my team so long now that missions dont even pop up LOL. Its like it wants me to get to Gargos and be done.

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Yeah my first time doing eyedols quest took about 8 days to get to the 5th part of the mission. I was so tempted to say f*ck this and beat gargos lol.

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Eyedol was really easy for me. Even his final fight on astral plane barely scratched me.

Yeah it was pretty easy for me too only problem was that it took a while for the rest of the quest to pop up.

I did the thing with ARIA and she even mentions “Oh you’re still here” and something about even if being useful one day but I never got the Hot Lead mission :frowning:

Will it pop up again on another play through or do I have to be ARIA again and hopefully get Forgotten Lab again and just hope Hot Lead pops up sometime later?

It should always pop up on any play through regardless of what character you choose however if you want to see the lore between Aria and Kilgore then have Aria on your team.

Ok ill keep trying then. Thank you!

I should have said for the forgotten laboratory mission does this count, for the hot lead quest you have Aria giving you orders so I’m not sure if having her on your squad will affect the the mission popping up or not.