"Horror Legends" Indie Horror Asymmetric Game and "Masters of the Dead" Fighting Game

It looks pretty rough, but to be fair it’s a very small indie team. The character Punkie looks pretty cool, though. They also have a fighting game available for download on itchi.o called “Masters of the Dead”.

Masters of the Dead - Demo by OctoberGames (itch.io)

Looks like something hardcore horror fans will enjoy. Though the animation for the fighting game seems abit stiff with some of the animation I’m sure they can improve upon it.

Still I do hope you enjoy it friend.


Yeah, the fighting game is pretty rough around the edges, but it’s actually more of a proof of concept kind of thing rather than a fully fledged game. With a little polish, though, it looks like it could have some potential in a “Terrordrome” kind of way. I just thought I’d post this and see if other KI/horror fans on here would be interested.